Angels belong to the sky.


1. One

      A Directioner found Harry Styles's diaries near a tomb:



"Have you ever loved something too much even though you don't know why ? You just believe that there's this magical invisible chain that binds you to it. That can be anything, whether spiritual or material. But the only word that can possibly define my special thing is everything. I love the sky as strong as a mom's protection towards her child, as a lover's love for his soulmate, as a forest's need for rain. I find the it deep and holly, a peaceful paradise for thoughts and serenity. Its beautiful saphir blue holds the missed sincerity and the rare innocence underneath.I just know that half of my heart belongs to the sky. I must have drifted away because Niall just stormes in my room, his shouts forcefully pulling me from my calm contemplation:
"God Harry we have to leave now ! Did you finish packing up ?"
I smile at the angry expression his face holds then nod.
"Why are you always the last one to get ready to travel ?" he asks, obviously still annoyed.
"Errrm... I've got more stuff than you guys I guess." I try to defend myself.

"Oh please ! You just have two pairs of jeans and few shirts. " he mokes.

"I don’t need a lot of clothes to make my own style. Can’t you see how hot I look just in those jeans and shirts ? "I state proudly, " Besides, I didn’t mean what I wear when I said stuff. "

He rolls his eyes, as we wait for the elevator to open, and says :

"Yeah of course, I forgot that you carry your agenda and a pile of random pictures wherever you go. "

"Those are not random pictures Niall, they are memories. " I explain whilst we enter the elevator. " And the agenda is my diary. "

He presses the buttons. "Just like a teenager girl. "

The hint of his friendly teasing prevents me from getting angry. I never liked it when people joke about my intimate little things.

"No. You just can’t understand. " I tell him, desperate.

We reach the first floor, where we find the rest of the boyband waiting for us. We quickly gather all our suitcases and arrange them in a large black vehicule, before hopping in.

The ride to the airport is silent. I assume we are all sad to leave Los Angelos.

"I’m really happy we’re going back home ! " Louis yells, excited.

"Yes we missed our families so much. " Zayn confirms.

Well, I think my use of the word "all" isn’t in its place.

There is a couple of nods from Niall and Liam before Louis asks me :

"What about you Harry ? "

"I’m glad too. " My response shorter than usual.

"Of course you are. " Liam laughes.As soon as I give him a confused look, the rest of the lads start to giggle too.

"You’re too happy that you’ll be back here two days later. God knows what you’re actually doing alone in LA. " Louis teases.

I shrug it off : " Well... I’m not alone, I have my motorcycle. "

The last word spoken, the car exploses in laughter. I roll my eyes at their immature behaviour. "What’s so funny in that ? "

They keep laughing.

"Guys I’m serious. " I say firmly.

They all stop suddenly and give me a surprized look. I don’t really understand why they find riding a moto funny.

I am about to say something when the engine stops. Our feet carry us outside and enter the airport. It’s crowded and I can already spot the groups of journalists and papparazies. The attention dosen’t bother me, as long as I still have my control on things. I find myself surrounded by some  black dressed muscled men. Body guards . I hate them. They steal my freedom and this enrages me so much, even though I know they’re trying to protect me, protect me me from other humans, like if I am a holly creature. How ridiculous. If you can’t deal with fame consequences by yourself, then you don’t deserve it. No matter how powerful the persons who want to bring you down are, they still the same race as you. This is why they’ll never be capable of blocking your way, unless you let them into you. Because people materialisms are alike, but souls are different.

Once the boys and I took our seats on the plane, we start to chat and laugh. I always loved this accord between us, an accord that makes our union stronger and our individuals braver.The flight is confortable and amusing.Hours later, I become able to see the big building of Heathrow Airport.Here I am again Uk.
As we get out of the plane,I notice a bunch of girls and media screaming, filming and asking for autographs.We immediately head there, accepting to take some pictures with fans.I adore when their bodies tense against mine, while I hold them close,smiling widely. The powerful need to make my little girls happy always takes over me,thus, I do everything to interact with them as possible as I can. But I actually doubt if I'm really succeeding at offering them the feeling of being loved and wanted. It takes about an hour before each one of us reaches his home in London. I put the key in the lock and open the door of my modern villa. Its dark shadows me in loneliness as I step in, pulling off my coat.

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