A Wonderful Accident

"Just accept the fact that you have a 12 year old daughter, okay Calum?" Luke said.

Calum Hood's world had been turned upside down when he found out he had a daughter.

"Twelve years, Luke. I missed twelve years of her life. Twelve years, I never knew about her. Twelve years she lived with Niall. And I'm going to make it up to her."


8. Dalton Jared Reynolds

Ashton's POV

"WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING, MICHAEL!? DID YOU THINK YOU COULD JUST TURN INTO A BADASS FOR NO REASON!? HUH!? WHAT'S GOTTEN INTO YOU!? AND DON'T BLAME BITCHFACE MOLLY BECAUSE THIS WAS YOUR DECISION." I yelled. Jeez he's an idiot. "I-i don't know. Something just came over me. I didn't mean for it to happen. Oh god, what am I gonna do now!? Nya was one of my best friends despite the age difference. I helped her through so much. Even through...." He trailed off. "Through what, Michael?" I asked. He didn't answer. He just ran out to his car. I followed. We both got in (we put our seatbelts on too. Safety first) and he started the car and started driving.

Not long after, we arrived at... the cemetery? What are we doing here? Michael ran out of the car and ran to a group of people. I got out and walked towards the group who I now know is Nya, her friend Karl, Calum, Luke and Niall. Nya was bawling and Michael just hugged her whispering "I'm sorry...so so sorry."

Michael's POV

I AM SUCH A DICK. Oh my god. I hope she forgives me. I can't believe it's almost...that day. That horrid day. If only I had driven faster that day...

Nya's POV

Uncle Mikey held me as I cried. I still can't believe he's gone. Nearly a year. That wretched day is coming soon and I won't be able to survive that day. He was my superhero.

"Babygirl, can I ask you something?" Dad asked. I sae uncle Lukey mouthing something to dad. It looked like 'don't do it'. What the hell. "W-what is it, dad?" I replied softly. "Who's Dalton..?" He asked gently.


"Dj!!!!!" I yelled. "Yeah Nj?" He asked. "Can we go to the park? Please please PLEASE!!!" I replied. He chuckled. "Anything for you." He replied ad we went to the park.

"SWINGS!!!!!" I yelled and ran to the swings. Dalton laughed and sat beside me. "I feel so free." I said to Dalton. He smiled at me and we continued to play at the park.

"The stars are so bright tonight." Dalton whispered. I nodded in agreement. "They're beautiful." I said in awe. "Just like you." Dalton said to me. I blushed. We laid in the grass in silence. Dalton sat up and motioned for me to do the same. I sat up and looked at him in confusion. He took his jacket off and wrapped it around the two of us. We sat there like that. His arm and jacket around me. Cliché, I know but Dalton's the cliché type when it comes to me. Dalton suddenly kissed my cheek and whispered "I love you. Forever and always." "Forever and always." I whispered.

*end of flashback*

No one knows about that day except auntie Alyric, Abby and Gillian.

"You okay baby girl?" Dad asked. I nodded. "Dalton...he was my best friend. My protector. My superhero. Without him, I wouldn't be alive right now. He was always there for me. Back then, I didn't know any of the friends I have now. He was my only friend. We were inseparable. We were always together. Through thick and thin. He was the one I loved. Dalton and I were best friends since we were in diapers. He was my life and I was his. There was never a day we weren't together. He was the only thing that mattered to me." I said. Uncle Niall and uncle Mikey had tears streaming down their faces. They knew Dalton so well. "What was he like?" Dad asked. I smiled at the memory of Dalton. "He was a badass to everyone in school. Not to me though. To me, he was a giant cuddly teddy bear. He was really caring and sweet. He protected me through everything and anything. He saved me from doing something that I would've regretted. He had white blonde hair and blue eyes. He had a lip piercing which he somehow got when we were eleven. He really loved my drawings. He loved them so much he always wanted me to draw something on his arm with a sharpie. He was musically talented. We were supposed to start a band but now he's gone." I replied to dad. "A BAND!? HOW COME I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THIS!?" My uncles yelled. "No one knew. Only me an Dalton." I replied. They sighed. "I have someone for you to meet soon." Karl whispered to me. I looked at him in confusion but he just walked to his bike and rode away. Well then.

"Wanna go home?" Uncle Niall asked me. "You guys can go. I'll meet you there." I told them. "You sure?" Uncle Lukey asked. "Positive." I replied. They nodded and left. Dad stayed though. "Baby girl, what happened to Dalton?" He asked.


"UNCLE MIKEY, ARE WE ALMOST THERE!?" I yelled. I had gotten a text from Dalton saying he couldn't take it anymore. I knew what he meant. "WE'RE HERE. GO SAVE HIM!!!" Uncle Mikey yelled. I ran out of the car and got to the top of the building as fast as I could. "STOP!!!" I yelled. I was too late. He touched my fingers and fell back. He fell down faster than I fell for him. I was crying, screaming, weeping. I couldn't bare to look at him fall. I heard sirens when he leaned back. Uncle Mikey sat beside me and hugged me as I cried.

My life is gone.

*end of flashback*

"He...Dalton committed suicide. I was there when it happened too." I mumbled and then I started crying again.

I miss you so so much, Dalton.

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