A Wonderful Accident

"Just accept the fact that you have a 12 year old daughter, okay Calum?" Luke said.

Calum Hood's world had been turned upside down when he found out he had a daughter.

"Twelve years, Luke. I missed twelve years of her life. Twelve years, I never knew about her. Twelve years she lived with Niall. And I'm going to make it up to her."


7. Cemetery Visit

Nya's POV

*10 minutes later*

I finally found it. "Hey buddy. It's been a while, hasn't it. It's been...what...nearly a month? Yeah. That's a long time. I still can't believe it's almost your deathday anniversary. A whole year, Dj. A whole year. I remember how it happened too. But I won't talk about that. I remember that day when you told me how you felt. Just know that I love you too. I may be twelve but I know what love is. That's how I feel towards you. But I can't have you. But I will always love you. Forever and Always." I said.

Luke's POV

"THERE. THAT CEMETERY!!!" I yelled. Calum drove towards the cemetery. We parked and got out. Niall recognized the cemetery as well. I walked to where Nya should be and there she was, sitting next to a headstone and talking to it. This is a monthly thing. "What's she doing?" Calum whispered to me. "She's talking to her friend." I answered. He looked at me in confusion. Karl came over and sat beside Nya while she cried on his shoulder. Calum ran to her and gave her a hug.

Calum's POV

"D-dad..?" She sniffled. I nodded. "It's okay, babygirl. I'm here. Karl's here. Uncle Lukey and uncle Ni are here too. Wanna tell me what's wrong?" I asked. She shook her head. I looked at Karl. All he did was point to the headstone. I looked at it.

Who's Dalton Jared Reynolds?

A/n Dalton Jared Reynolds is gonna be based off of Dalton Rapattoni from Fly Away Hero. Okay? Okay

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