A Wonderful Accident

"Just accept the fact that you have a 12 year old daughter, okay Calum?" Luke said.

Calum Hood's world had been turned upside down when he found out he had a daughter.

"Twelve years, Luke. I missed twelve years of her life. Twelve years, I never knew about her. Twelve years she lived with Niall. And I'm going to make it up to her."


5. Basketball

Niall's POV

*le next day*

I woke up this morning and started panicking because I couldn't find Nya. But then I realized that she was with Calum. I sighed in relief and called Calum. He answered on the second ring

"Hey Niall!!!! What's up, man?" He greeted. "Nothin. Just checkin up on my niece. Where is she?" I asked. "She's here, she's good. Nya's just gettin ready for our little game of basketball." He replied. Shit, she's a basketball champion. "Cal, don–" I started but was cut off by Calum. "I gotta go. We're gonna start the game. Bye Niall!!" He said then hung up. I started laughing. I tried to warn him.

Nya's POV

I ran outside, wearing my Spurs jersey and shorts, to my dad and uncles. "Okay, since you're only twelve, we'll go easy on you." Uncle Luke said. That's offensive. "Or we can play 3 on 3." I suggest. "How does that work? There's five of us. It wouldn't be even." Dad replied. I smiled. "I've got some friends that live nearby that could play." I answered. "Go call them!!!" Uncle Ash exclaimes. I smirked and grabbed my phone. I called Karl first.

"Hey Kuya (a/n I'm filipino okay!? The character Karl is based off my friend Karl haha)!!!" I greeted when he answered. "Hey Nj. What you need?" He asked. "A basketball player." I replied. "On my way. What's the address again?" He asked. "I moved. The address is *gives address*" I told him. "Okay be there soon." He replied. "Get Gill on you're way here!!!" I said before he hung up. "They'll be here soon." I told them. They nodded and started shooting hoops and warming up while uncle Mikey and I sat at the table and played cards while waiting.

*5 minutes later*

"YO, NJ. OPEN DIS GATE!!!!" I heard Gill yell. "CALM YO FACE, BRUH. I'M COMIN!!!" I yelled and went to open the gate. "Let me guess, they insulted your basketball skills and we're playing 3 on 3." Karl guessed. I laughed and nodded. "Hey, you gotta admit, we're an awesmazing team." I said. They chuckled and agreed. The three of us talked while heading to our court. "Let's do this. Same game plan?" Gill asked. Karl and I nodded. "Okay, since all of you are twelve. We'll go easy on you." Uncle Ash said. "He did not just say that." Gill said sassily. "Gill, when did you learn some sass?" I asked. "I don't even know." He replied. "Let's go." I said. We started the game like normal and got 3 points right away. "How? What? Huh?" My dad and uncles asked. Karl, Gill and I smirked.

*an hour later*

"I GIVE UP!!!!" Dad yelled. "Same." Uncle Luke and uncle Ash said. I high fived Karl and Gill. "Uncle Mikey!!!! What's the score!?" I asked. "97-0." He replied. "Really, only 97!? Dammit I thought we did better." Gill complained. "BETTER!? WHAT'S YOUR HIGHEST SCORE TOGETHER!?" Uncle Ash yelled. "Um......I don't know. This game was only an hour. We've played a full game together. That reminds me, when's the next practice?" I asked Karl and Gill. "Um....September 3. After school." Karl answered. I nodded. "We should've played 5 on 5 with Abby, Braeden and uncle Niall!!!" I exclaimed. "Totes. I'm hungry." Karl said. "Do we even have food!?" I asked. "Uh no. I have to go grocery shopping. Thanks for the reminder." Uncle Luke said then grabbed his car keys and left. Well then. "How did you even play that well!?" Dad asked. "Well father dearest, we are basketball champs." I answered. His jaw dropped. "Hey, we gotta go. See you soon, Nj!!!" Gill said. Karl waved. "BYE BRUH. BYE KUYA." I yelled as they left. "If you're a champion basketball player then where are your trophies and medals?" Uncle Mikey asked. "In my closet." I answered. "Oh by the way, what is 'Kuya'?" Uncle Ashton asked. "It means older brother in Tagalog. I'm half filipino." I answered. "Hey Cal, looks like she's something you're not. She's asian and is a basketball player." Uncle Mike said and laughed. "Well, I'm gonna keep shooting hoops. Can you guys leave me and dad alone? I wanna show him PROPER basketball skills." I said to uncle Ash and uncle Mikey. They laughed at dad and went inside.

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