Rain In My Head


1. Rain In My Head

As I walk though the rain

My head's in a storm

With thunder clouds swirling

Around like a swarm


My minds full of fears

Doubts regrets

Horrible memories

That no one forgets


Why can't I live In peace once again

Why can't I forget All of this pain

Everyone else's Suns have come out

But I always hide When the thunderclouds shout


I should pack fear away

Put it up on a shelf

There's nothing to fear

But fear itself


But of I bottle it up

I could go insane

Something could snap

Inside of my brain


What can I do

I'm O' so confused

I feel tormented

I feel like I've been used


Is there somebody

Out there for me

And if there is

Where could she be


She won't torment me

She won't bring be pain

And she'll guide me with sunlight

Out of the rain

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