I Promise


2. -two


     Waking up the next day, feeling super exhausted, I decided to go to starbucks and go back to my house to change clothes because I need to do some grocery shopping for me because why do it when you kind of have a maid to do so?

     * outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=132469644 *

     I've a cupboard in my room full of foods to keep me alive for a month and no, my parents didn't know and they don't have to know.

     "Miss Chen, I'm out!" I shouted. She's my personal helper and I feel like we're a family already. She's a Chinese woman in her mid fifties and is still single. She's absolutely gorgeous you have no idea.

     "Okay, bye-bye!" Her thick Chinese accent filled the living room.

     Although my dad provided cars, I prefer to use my own bmw X. Sure we have SLS Amg but honestly, I don't need that thing. It's way too fancy for its own good.

     I grab a cart before making my way through the aisles.

     Chips. Check

     Sprites. Check.

     Chocolates. Check

     Biscuits. Check

     Milk. Check

     Cereal. Check.

     Vegetables. Check.

     I think I've got everything covered. As I was about to pay, I saw this cute pink t-shirt and my eyes suddenly lit up. Yes! I went through the sizes and pick the right one for me. Walking to the cashier, I just realize that I need cheese and ice cream. Are you kidding me? I'm way too lazy to pick it up.

     Whatever. I leave my cart in front before making my way to the aisle where the cheese and ice creams are.

     Should I buy B&J, BR, or Haagen-dazs? Fuck, it's giving me some kind of ultimatum. Maybe I should just grab for each, yeah?

     I grab the red velvet cake, new york super fudge chunk, and karamel sutra from B&J, strawberry cheesecake and cotton candy from BR, and vanilla and creme brulee from Haagen-dazs because that thing is the shit.

     Reaching for the cheese, I felt someone snake his finger around my waist which makes me jolt and snap my head to the side. I'm glad it's still fine considering how fast I actually turned my head.

     "Shorty, much?" He smirked. Asshole.

     "Shut the fuck up." I snapped.

     "Hey, hey. Chill out, bitch. What did I do?" He gasped. Talk about being dramatic. I rolled my eyes at the thought.

     "First, you surprised me. Second, you called me a bitch."

     "Whatever, this is your cheese." He thrust the block of cheese to my hand. "Thanks." I mumbled. "What was that?" He smirked.

     "Thanks, jerk." I turned around ready to pay when he called me.

     "Bitch, please. My damn name is not shorty."

     "My name's Tyles. Harrison Tyles." He told me. "And I asked you because...?" I trailed off.

    "What's your name?" He asked. "I don't talk to strangers." I turned around and walk back. "But you already did since the past... 7 minutes." He told me, following me.

     "Can you please just shut up? Your voice is annoying the hell out of me." I complained. "Nope. You know, this is like one of those cliche moments. Where the hot and cute guy help the girl in a store and the girl first hated this hot, amazing, and perfect guy and ends up falling in lo-"

     "If I tell you my name will you shut your damn mouth up?" I cut him off. "Sure, babe." He winked. Disgusting pig.

     "Pig." I muttered. "What was that?" He tilt his head. "Oh, nothing." I gave him a lip tight smile.

     "Will you tell me your name or should I continu-"

     "The name's.. uhm, Crotter. A.. Audrey Crotter." I stuttered. I'm not that dumb to tell him my real name. "Are you sure tha-" "Okay, bye, bye, bye."

    As I was walking, I felt something slap my ass. The f? I turn around to find the brown-haired conceited, jerk, asshole, bastard, ass, a pain in the ass, player, very unattractive, perverted, pig, baked bean, la-

     "Miss, the line's moving." A person from behind grumbled.

     "Sorry." My cheeks flushed red. That son of a bitch!



I don't know about this person, but Miss Chen is played by this Asian American actress, Elizabeth Sung.

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