I Promise


1. - one


   "MA BITCH!" Somebody shouted from behind. I immediately took off from where I stand and crushed my best friend in a bone crushing hug cause I missed her that much.

   "BITCH I MISSED YOU!" I exclaimed. "You. Have to spill everything. And by everything, I mean everything." I squealed.

   "He's just so hot and cute and I just.. OHMYGOD!" She squealed. "He's the guy every girl wishes and he just.. IT'S THE BEST CRUISE EVER!" She exclaimed.

   The bell rang, totally disappointing me because I was dying to know the story. Damn school. Damn classes. Damn teachers.


    School ends agonizingly slow, so when the bell rang, I jumped off my seat and rushed to my locker.

    "I'm staying over at your house today." I told Miranda.

    "FINALLY! Thank goodness it's been a while!" She raised both of her hands.

    "Let me just grab my clothes and we can head over to your house."

    Miranda has a big brother and big sister, Finley and Emmy. Emmy is two years older than us and she's really nice, while Finley is 5 years older than us and I've never talk to him before. It's just plain awkward, you know that feeling?

    "Are you kidding me? Why don't you just move to a smaller house or something? I mean, you're living in this big castle alone with Christa, Amelia, Cedric, and Deorge. It's not like your "siblings" and parents are ever home." She rolled her eyes.

    I have two older sisters, four older brothers, and a younger sister so yeah. It sucks being a second youngest because you have to do what "your older siblings told you to do" and all of those shenanigans. Elijah and Livvy are married so that leaves Reece, Marvin, Santiago, Caramel, and me. Caramel and I are twins and Elijah and Marvin are twins. The rest of my siblings are taken except for Marvin and me. Gianna is still a baby so she obviously is still single. Can you imagine if babies are dating? I personally can't. You get to see your siblings all being lovey dovey leaving you alone with your older brother. Sucks, yeah?

    "I want to but I don't have enough money." I rolled my eyes.

    "You're joking. You know you can just ask your dad for some money, and badum! There you go. A house is right in front of you."

    "Money is not that easy to find. My parents work really hard for those money and I can't jsut waste them. I mean, I'm lucky they even provide all of these workers, house, cars, clothes, everything. You know, I sometimes feel like a lucky bitch because have you see the people in Africa? How they're actually in need?"

   "You're right, but you need also need to enjoy life as it is because you won't go back."

   "Yeah, yeah, whatever, let's go."

   We drive to her house for an hour because that's just how far our house is.

   "Is anyone home?" I asked.

   "My mom and brother." She murmured.

   "Nice." Note the sarcasm.


     "... So he gave me a piggyback ride. He. Is the one who gave me. Not me, asking him for some piggyback ride."

     "That's nice." I commented.

     "Nice? Are you out of your mind? Geez, I think I'm in love." She plopped to her bed.

     "La la la whatever."

     "So when am I gonna meet him?" I asked.



      "Yes, tomorrow."


      And indeed. I'm meeting him tomorrow. The one and only Harrison Tyles.




Harrison Tyles: Hayden Christensen

Chloe Alessandra Myles: Gemma Styles, bitches

Marvin Myles: Harry Styles

Reece Myles: Liam Payne

Blaze Toller: Zayn Malik

Jordan Laskow: Louis Tomlinson

Miranda Hyttess: Hayden Panettiere

Kristoffer Hyttess: Niall Horan

Rosemary Hyttess: Skyler Day


All rights reserved.



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