I Promise


4. - four


"What the mother fajitas are you doing here?" I exclaimed.

"What am I doing here? What are you doing here! I've never seen you before." He told me.

"Wait, so you guys like.. Know each.. Other?" Miranda asked in disbelief.

"Oh my cheesecake. He's the guy I was talking about!"

"You talk about me?" He smirked.

"You! Y-you! Urgh." I stomped my feet and walk as fast as I could. The heck. Why would Miranda even like him? He's a motherfrea-

"Chloe!" Somebody exclaimed. I turned around to see Jordan, Marvin's best friend.

"Jordan!" I screamed before attacking him in a bone-crushing hug. "I miss you! Where have you been?!" I hit his hard as a rock chest.

"Well, you see.." He scratched the back of his neck. "I kind of, like, disappointed Marvin and so we.. I guess we're not friends, we're barely acquaintances." He frowned.

"Why?" I asked. Shocked as hell. They've been friends since they're babies and his sister's like my own sister.

"I might of knock his girlfriend. But be-"

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" I shouted.

"Listen to me!" He tried to explain.

"Don't you know that he's insecure about himself?!"

"Fucking let me explain!" He bellowed which shock the living earth in me.


"Whatever, Jordan." I sighed and walk away.


"Chloe! We have an important meeting with one of my friend in the Blackwell restaurant, so hurry up because we're leaving in an hour. Dress nicely!" My mom spoke through the intercom.

Since she told me to dress nicely, then why won't I use the dress that I just bought a few days ago with Blaze and Rosemary. I swear they're fashion experts, so I depend my life on them when it comes to clothing.

"Hey, Chlo. Let's go twinning." Caramel peeked through the door.

"Wait, you're going too?"

"All of us." She said in a duh tone.

"But I won't be wearing the dress that Blaze and Rosemary chose for me." I whined.

"Please, just this once." She begged.

"And?" I raised my eyebrow.

"I'll give you 10 bucks." She sighed.

"Okay." I grinned.

"Money-digger." She muttered.

"I heard that!" I shouted.

"It's meant for you to hear it anyway!" She shouted back.

"Bitch." I muttered.

Have I told you that Caramel and I are twins? Yeah, well, we are. The only difference is that my eyes are a little bit blueish than her and her shoe size is bigger than mine.

"15 minutes, kids." My mom reminded us. Fuck. Where's my eyeliner?!

I need an eyeliner dammit! Eyeliner, eyeliner, aha!

"Why did it goes under my pillow?" I muttered under my breathe and shrugged.

"I worry about you sometimes." I turned around, jumping.

"The fuck! I almost died of heart attack you jerk!" I shouted.

"What? No hello to your long gone brother?" Elijah chuckled.

"I miss you." I sighed and hugged him.

"I miss you too, kid."

"Hey! I'm just ten yea- okay, fine." I huffed. "Where's Gianna?" I asked. Gianna is his Italian-French wife which is gorgeous as hell and I consider Elijah lucky to have her.

"She's downstairs with Alessandra." He told me.

"You named your baby after my name? Oh I feel so special." I put my hands on my heart and gasped.

"Mind you, it's grandma's name too." He ruffled my hair and I screeched.

"It took me three hours to tame my straight to become this wavy and how dare you ruffled it up!"

"Elijah, stop fooling around and take Alessandra around." Gianna spoke from behind.

"Gianna!" I exclaimed. "Oh how I miss you." I hugged her, tightly. Like really, really tight until, "I can't breath."  Gianna gasped.

"Oh, sorry." I smiled sheepishly. We talk for a few minutes before she went away, leaving me to finish all of my makeup.

After what felt like hours of putting my eyeliner, I wore my creamish-brownish pumps that has an ankle strap and some kind of bow on the strap. ( http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=133840621 ).

"Okay, so, Amelia and Chloe goes with us and the rest of you, it's up to you guys but you guys have to arrive there in 15 minutes. See you guys later." Mom waved. Amelia is like mom's nickname for Caramel which is a kind of ridiculous name.

"Psst." Caramel hissed.

"What?" I whispered. Our parents hate it when the car is full of noises so instead, they bought piano cds to be played in the car.

"This shoes are uncomfortable." She hissed.

When I checked the sizes, it turned out she wears the wrong shoes.

"Yeah, well, I think you use mine." I stated.



This is a filler chapter so I apologize

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