5SOS imagines

Title says it all :) I write imagines for 5sos. Thank you :)

Please comment down below what you would like your story to be like. Like this:


3. Georgianna

Today was you and Luke's 2-year annivasary. You were playing with you and Luke's Pomsky dog that he got you as a gift few months ago before going on tour again. Out of the blue, your phone strted buzzing indicating that someone was calling you. As you picked it up from beside you, you saw the caller ID. It was Luke.


"Hey Georgi! I'm back in town. I got a surprise for you. Can I pick you up in an hour?"

"Yeah, sure. Glad you're back. Bye!"


You dropped the call and ran to the bathroom to get ready; you showered, did your makeup, and put on the flowy dress that Luke liked and some shoes. After you were done, you quickly checked your Twitter to see lovely comments from fans. 10 minutes into Twitter, and your doorbell rang. As you opened it, you were surprised to see Luke holding up a bouquet of your favourite flowers to his face.


"My, my, you look stunning today Ms Georgianna! Would you care to have lunch with this lonely minion?"

"Of course I would." You said as you chuckled.


Luke offered you his hand and you took it interlocking yours with his. As you left the house, he blindfolded you because he wanted to take you somewhere secret. 15 minutes later, he unfolded the blindfold and led you to a beautiful lake with a picnic all set up. As you both sat down, he fumbled his hand in his back pocket and pulled out a little purple box and opened it. It was a engament ring that had two hearts in it; one gold, and one silver with diamonds.

"I chose this ring because I want you to know, that these two hearts represent us. We'll always be together, okay?" he paused to see your reaction. All you could do then was to nod your head. "Will you marry me, Georgianna?"

"Yes. Yes Luke." He put the ring on your ring finger.


A/N Hey! Hope you liked it? Thanks again, for commenting! :)

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