Half A Heart

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania lives the Gray family. There lives two young girls, the oldest, 17 year old Caroline Gray, and 9 year old Sydney Gray. Sydney Gray was born with a very rare birth defect called Heterotaxy Syndrome. Sydney's heart doesn't work like everyone else's. Sydney only has half a heart, it's upside down, and it's on the right side instead of the left. Sydney barely staying alive, Caroline would do anything for her. Including taking Sydney to see her Idols, One Direction. Caroline taking Sydney to meet the 5 boys plastered all over Sydney's walls could change both of the sister's lives forever. But how long can Sydney survive much longer? How long Caroline survive the pain she sees little Sydney in?


1. Epilogue

The hospital chairs were always so comfortable to Caroline, she always loved sitting in them. She always could feel herself starting to drift to sleep in the silky fabric. But just as she started to fall asleep, her hands holding her face, one of the doctors opens the white door to the hospital room little Sydney Gray was held in. The doctor was a very tall man, in fact he reminded Caroline of her father, Jared Gray. Very well built, caramel eyes, and that calm expression seemed very familiar to her. And her mother, Olivia Gray, who was very small in fact, but had the most gorgeous  bright blue eyes. Olivia immediately stood up when the door opened, from the comfy, red hospital chairs along with Jared.


"So?" Olivia asked the doctor her eyes lighting up with hope. It had been a long day of surgery for Olivia's newborn Sydney. But the birth felt so short, she had Sydney just yesterday and she was taken away immediately to surgery without Olivia able to hold the sickly baby.


The doctor clasps his hands together."The surgery went successfully, but we're going to keep her here for a couple more nights just to be sure." He says calmly.


Olivia sighed with relief and fell back into the chair and rubbed her face with her hands as if it will wipe away all the stress. Jared looked at Olivia then back at the doctor and opened his mouth as is if to say something, but bites his lip instead. "Is there any chance we can see her?" He asks.


Nine year old Caroline, stood up from the hospital chair behind Jared, and walked sleepily to her father and hugged his leg tightly. Caroline didn't understand why she couldn't see baby Sydney after her mother had her. Ever since Olivia's belly would get bigger and bigger, Olivia would always tell Caroline that she was going to be a big sister. But how was she supposed to be a big sister if she couldn't see her new little sister.


The doctor pursed his lips together into a straight line and nodded to Jared. The doctor then noticed two little eyes peeking behind Jared's leg. He bends down to Caroline's level and smiles softly. "Would you like to see your little sister?" He asks in a soothing voice.


She nods, her face buried in Jared's old ripped jeans. He stands back up and turns to the door and carefully opens the door then turns back to us and puts his index finger to his lips. The Gray family walks into the white hospital room to find little Sydney Gray lying in a small bed. Olivia carefully walks up to the small body, tubes all over Sydney's tiny chest. Olivia puts a hand on her mouth trying to hold back a sob, and Jared puts a comforting arm around her. Caroline walks up to the the bed and puts her hands on the edge of the bed looking at the doctor unsure of what to do. The doctor smiles reassuringly and rubs her back. Caroline then looks at her little sister's curled hand, her finger tips a light blue and carefully slides her index finger between the tiny hand and smiles and giggles quietly. 


Jared smiles and walks Olivia closer to the bed and puts a hand on Caroline's head, who turns and grins at him. "She's holding my hand dad!" She whispers with excitement. Olivia steps closer to little Sydney Gray and strokes her head and whispers quietly, "My beautiful baby girl." She then leans down and kisses Sydney's soft forehead.




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