My Brother's Band

Hi, I'm Scarlet Styles. Harry's little sister. I was bullied growing up, and that wasn't always the easiest thing. The only person who understood me was Harry. He had to leave to go on tour with his stupid band though, and I wasn't able to see him for a year. He's back now, but he wants me to meet his band. That's the last thing I want to do in the world. I hate them. They took MY brother away from me. But my opinion about them obviously, changes once I meet Liam Payne.


7. 7

Harry and I were still arguing over who mom loved more. It's obvious it me. 

"How about instead of arguing we go get ice cream?" Liam suggested. 

"YASSSSSS Lets go now!!" Louis said dropping the Xbox controller. 

"Hold on. I need to get ready first." I replied stopping him.

"You look hot now, you don't need to change." Louis said looking me up and down.

"Watch it, she's mine!" Liam said taking my hand and pulling me into him, putting his chin on my shoulder.

"You do look good though baby." He whispered into my ear. I kissed his lips. The rest of  the boys made a gaging face. They are just JEALOUS! We got stopped by a few fans while we walked down the street to the Ice cream truck, they were all very nice though. I could smell all of the ice cream flavors from a mile away.

"What are you going to get?" Harry asked me.

"The Reese' s Pieces special looks good. What about you?" I responded. 

"The same." He said smiling. All of a sudden he stiffened up and clenched his jaw.

"Harry are you okay? I'm going to go order" I said pointing in the direction of the truck.

"You are not ordering." He said sternly. 

"Yes I am. I want ice cream" I said. What is wrong with him?

"No Scarlet, you are not ordering, you need to leave NOW!" He said turning me around.

"What's going on?" Liam asked concerned.

"She needs to leave. Liam please take her back to the hotel." Harry gave him a look and someone how Liam understood exactly what he said. 

"No. Harry WHAT IS GOING ON?" I was nearly screaming. 

"Please Scarlet, you need to leave now. You need to listen to me." Harry said looking me dead in the eyes. 

"Baby, please listen. I'll walk you back." Liam said. 

"Not until someone tells me what is happening!" I said. 

I turned around and I knew exactly why they wanted me to leave. There he was.



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