Oopsy daisy

Daisy is your average pretty, clumsy, blonde girl at any school. Her life was as perfect as it could be, roof over her head, food in her stomach and clothes on her back and a life where she is always the strange one. But when her mum gets some news, that has been keeping her in Canada for 15 years, their whole life will be flipped upside down.

Troye was living his 'ordinary' life. Going off to vidcon with his best friends for 2 or 3 months, going back home to his brothers and dad or going off and staying with his friend Tyler Oakley. But then the biggest shock of his life comes.


3. chapter 2———WHAT!?!?

Troye looked around for what seemed forever trying to find his dad. He finally found one of his brothers Steele "hey. Do you know where dad is?" Troye asked. "Nope sorry. But hey lil' bro. Good luck tonight, I'm proud of ya." Steele said turning on his heels and walking off. 'Well he was so helpful' troye thought as he pulled out his phone to text his dad.

Troye: where are you? I need to talk.

Dad: so do I. I'm in a little coffee shop just outside.

Troye ran out the doors to see heaps of fans outside all ready. As soon as he stepped outside all the girls started screaming their heads off. He quickly ran off to the coffee shop and stepped out of cold, snowing, frostiness of the Canadian air and into the warm heated shop. He went up to the counter and ordered a extra hot latte to go. He found his dad sitting down with another woman who was around 40. He grabbed his coffee and sat down next to his dad just as a girl around his age walked in.

Just as daisy got home her mum called her and told her to meet her at their little coffee shop. She quickly got changed into a pair of leggings, a singlet and her favourite jumper with the words 'I was born this FABOULOUS!"' The last words in giant glittery letters. She grabbed her galaxy vans and stumbled out the door. Literally stumbled.

By the time daisy got to the coffee shop the sun was staring to set so it set a beautiful view and it made it a bit more chilly. She wrapped her arms around her a bit tighter as she walked in the shop. "Hi mum. Sorry I'm a bit late. I was talking to dad again." She said in her usual bubbly voice. As she sat down she noticed there where two other people sitting at the table. "Hey I know you. Your Troye Sivan. From you tube right?" Daisy asked all the boy, Troye, all he did was nod his head. "Um...I'm glad that we are all here" Daisy's mum, Katherine, said. "Because we both have something to tell you." She said. Daisy couldn't stop looking at the older man sitting next to Troye. He somehow looked familiar but didn't know where she would know him from. "Daisy. Promise me whatever I say you will not hate me for." Katherine said turning to daisy. "Why would I hate you?" Daisy said not taking his eyes of the man. "B...Because this man is your father." Daisy jaw dropped open in astonishment. "And Troye, this is your mother." The man, Shaun, said to his son. "So that means that we are related?" Troye asked his dad. "Well...you two are related. Plus your also twins." Katherine said, both daisy and Troye stood up at the exact same time. "WHAT!" They both yelled at the same time. "Troye sit down, calm down" Shaun said trying to push him down into his seat again. "DONT TELL ME TO CALM DOWN! YOU JUST TOLD ME THAT MY MOTHER DIED IN A CAR CRASH!! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH DAMAGE THAT DID TO ME KNOWING I WOULD NEVER KNOW MY BIOLOGICAL MUM?!?!" Troye yelled before storming out of the café with tears running down his face. "But...I...just...UGH!" Daisy said tears starting to spill out of her eyes. "I'm going for a walk. I need to think this all through." Daisy said running out of the café and to the park.

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