Luke Hemmings: Father Of My Child

Amy Kindel is a normal girl;
Untill she meets her new best friend; Luke Hemmings. When he asks her to be her girlfriend, she gets over exited. When she had to spend the night at his house, 2 weeks later, she finds out she's pregnant with Luke's child. What will happen to them? Will she still love him? Or will she love someone else? Read to find out. It's at Amy's POV the whole story.


5. Chapter 4

Me and Luke arrived at school. As we walked inside, a girl came running up to us. "Hi! I'm Chelsea! What's yours?" She asked me. "I'm Amy, and this is Luke" I replied. "What class do you have first?" She asked. "Math" "me too! Wanna walk together?" "Sure! If you don't mind, Luke". "Yeah, it's fine with me.." "Ok! Let's go, Amy!" I shot Luke a look. He laughed at me. I gave him a death glare. Me and Chelsea got to math. "Math is boring!" She stated. "Yeah, agreed!" I liked this girl. She was nice. "I have a brother. Do you have any siblings?" "No I'm a only child" "LUCKY!" "How old is your brother?" "19" I nodded. Just then, Luke walked through the door, a boy at his side. "Ashton! Nice to see you, brother!" "That's your BROTHER?!" She nodded. He walked over to us. "Hey, sis, who's your pretty friend?" "Amy, and she has a boyfriend!" I stared at him. I would be lying if I said he wasn't cute! You have a boyfriend, Amy! "Hey, you ok babe?" Luke asked. "Yeah, I'm ok" "Luke, that's your girlfriend!" He nodded. "Lucky" he muttered. I widened my eyes. Chelsea leaned toward me. "He likes you!" "Yeah I know. But I'm Dating Luke!" "Wanna date him for a week, and I date Luke for a week?" "WHAT?!" "I was just wondering..." "No that's a terrible idea". "Ok, sorry, I was just wondering" "yeah, I know, it's not your fault!"

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