Rejects ♕ danisnotonfire

"You are beautiful
to me."
Abbey does not have good luck with relationships. Almost all of them were abusive, causing trust issues in guys.
When her best friend, Lydia, a YouTuber, decides to go to London to attend a YouTube party and meet online friends, Abbey decides to tag along. While she's in London, Lydia makes collab videos with a lot of YouTubers, including the famous 'danisnotonfire', or, Dan Howell. What happens when he tries to get close to Abbey? Will she let him, or will she push him away, like all the others?
©2014 All Rights Reserved to cuqcak3


1. rejects

You were pretty until I saw the way

your eyes swelled when you cried,

and how you were pretty until I heard

how you stutter your goodbyes.


You were pretty until I saw the way

you lock your doors at night,

and you were pretty until I knew

you never felt quite right.


You were pretty until I heard

your heart's empty plea - 


but then you weren't

pretty any more,


you were beautiful

to me.






hi there. the poem is *not* written by me, but by somebody by the initials of k.p.k. the title of the poem is not "rejects", but the name of the book. i do not know the name of the poem but [[slow claps]] kudos to you for writing such an amazing poem!


thank you for reading! *brofist* :D

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