Don't Let Me Go

"Please don't leave me here" I whisper holding his hand. Silence the only thing lingering in the air. "Please don't...." I say as a tear runs down my cheek.


2. chapter 2

Sam's P.O.V

We walk to the car talking like teenagers. We get to the car and I see my uncle Richard standing next to the car. I hug him really tight, I love my uncle so much and I missed him a lot.

"Hi sweetheart"

"Hey, uncle Richie"

"C'mon let's get out of here" he releases me and opens the back door to but my suitcase in it. I get in the back and wait for him to get in the car. Once in he exploded with questions, and I only understood some.

"Uncle Richard, it's fine, I'm just tired. I'll tell you everything tomorrow okay?" I sigh and lowered myself in my seat. He looked worried at first but my aunt gave him a reassuring smile, and left the topic alone.

"Daniella's waiting at the house. She's quite exited to see you again you know" hearing those words made me happy again. More that I have been in my life. I love Dani. She's always there for me.

"She doesn't know what's going on, does she?" I know the answer I just need to confirm it.

"No, we told her you were coming over here to study high school over here" she sighs

"We didn't want to tell her 'cause it's not our place, sweetheart. You can tell whenever you want. We won't rush you" he tells me reassuringly. But all I can do is nod.

The rest of the car ride was silent, other than the car engine. We turned the corner and saw the house get closer and closer by the second. We turn into the drive way and the engine shuts down as my uncle turns the key. I let out a sigh and unbuckled my seatbelt. I get out of the car and got to the back to grab my suit case. Once I got it I started rolling it up the driveway and to the door. For some reason I was nervous I just couldn't shake the feeling off. I open the door to be welcomed with a warm, cosy feeling. It already felt like home. I walk into the living room and set my suitcase to the side I walk further into the house and heard a laugh I haven't heard in a while. Dani.

~quite short I know promise next one will be cool Love you all!!

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