Don't Let Me Go

"Please don't leave me here" I whisper holding his hand. Silence the only thing lingering in the air. "Please don't...." I say as a tear runs down my cheek.


1. chapter 1

Samantha's P.O.V.

This is how it all began. When I was born I had water in my lungs and nearly died. I am a middle child. I have a older and younger brother. Jacob and Louis. My godparents are Estelle and Michael. They have three boys. Edward, Raffael, and Ulises. Everybody says Uli and I can be twins cause we have the same age and almost same DNA. Weird. We all lived in Texas. But it wasn't exactly the best childhoods ever, cause I was bullied. In every school I was in. My family and I moved to Mexico when I was ten. While I lived there I started cutting and staving, around the age of eleven, and haven't stopped. My life was hell living with my family. My mom constantly told me that I wasn't good enough. And my brother would say I was an ugly bitch. I couldn't stand it anymore. We would get into fight continuously. But today it was different. I am currently fifteen, and officially done with my family's shit.

"Samantha, don't you dare turn you face away from me, young lady!" My mom screams from the bottom of the stairs.

"I am done with this shit! I'm done with Jacob's shit! And I am especially done with your bullshit!" I continue going to my room, grabbing a suitcase from the closet, and throwing onto the bed, unzipping it.

"And what the fuck do you think you're going!"

"As far away from here as possible" i grab my clothes from my drawers and hangers and throw them into the suitcase.

"To where?! You don't have anywhere to go to. You can't leave! I forbid you to!"

I zip up my suit case and get it of the bed. I push my way out of my door and past my mom saying "watch me".

I rush out of the front door with my suitcase, phone, and purse with the money I've been saving up. The first thing that comes to my mind was to call my Godmother Estelle. But she might give up my hiding spot to my mum. Think, Sam, think. One person came to my mind. My aunt Monica. I quickly type in her number and call. She answered in the fourth ring.


"Hey aunt Mon, it's me Sam"

"Oh, hey sweetheart. What's going on"

"I-I-I need a place to stay" I sniffled. My voice cracking a bit.

"Why do you need a place to stay? What happened? Did you and your mom get in a fight again?" she sighs. It's true. She's the only one who knows that we would get in a fight. I would call her every time we fought. Countless times I've called her. I can count on her with my heart. I stayed silent.

"Did it really go that far?" She sounded disappointed.

"Auntie. I can't take it anymore. The yelling, the insults. It's too much. And I can't deal with it anymore, Aunt Mon. I can't." I start crying but quickly wiped away the tears. I won't cry, not anymore.

"It's okay honey, come live with me. Do you have money for a plane ticket?"

"I-Um- have enough, I think" I sigh.

"Okay, go to the airport, buy the ticket, and I'll pick you up over here. Yeah?"

"Yes thank you so much. I love you. See you soon, bye" I smile to the phone and hang up. Here I go.

~7 hours later at the airport~

I get out of the plane and take out my phone to call my Aunt. She answered on the third ring.

"Hi honey"

"Hey, I'm at the airport"

"Okay, I'll be there in ten minutes. Hang on" she says and hangs up.

I started walking to where the suitcases are and try and find my pink polka-dot one. Which wasn't quite hard, since you can see it a mile away. I grab it and head out to find a seat at the front of the terminal. It didn't take long for my aunt to text me she was here, and ask where I was. I text her back the terminal and wait for her. I can't wait to see her. It's been forever since I've seen her. I finally start seeing her chocolate brown hair. I grab my suitcase and I start running to her. She sees me and opens her arms wide. I hug her taking her a bit by surprise but hugs back.

"I missed you" she whispers in my ear.

"Me too" I say back.

"C'mon let's go to the car, your uncle is waiting" I nod and walk back with my aunt with me. God I missed her so much.

Hey guys it's me just wanted to say thanks for reading. Can someone tell me how to put a photo in the story bc I can't. D: either way love you all!!!!

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