Hear I Am Once Again

Why did I fall in love with my bullies best friend??

A few years ago I got bullied by Michael and Ashton and one of their friends is my long lost twin and I feel I love with another one of their friends his name: Luke Hemmings


7. lunch and the pain prt 2

Alicen POV


english is a bore our teacher spending a hour telling us what we are doing this year and what we need to study for and me being me took notes so hopfully i can get ahead of everyone as she stated in order winking at me knowing what im like and then the bell goes saying lunch time so i go to my locker and put away my music and english books and grabe my art stuff and book for history lets just say i like to change books over before going to lunch and i grabe my phone, my pordable charger, headphones and wallet and shove them in my bag and BVB follow me to the caffateria i line up grabing a tray and i notice im behind Luke to my luck and Callum sees me and says hey sis so i just say "yeah hey" i grabe a mandarin. ham and cheese sandwitch, iced coffee, mince and cheese pie and a jelly cup and i pay for it all and find my seat with BVB tailing me and eat but i have my music on through my headphones but just then Callums Girlfriend Sam comes up to me punches me in the ribs dropping me and hits my scars and with them being from lastnight stang like no tomorrow she then yanked my hair and repetedly kicked my sides the pain gets that bad i pass out and i hear Ash say he will pick me up and take me to the nurses office before i cant hear a thing next thin i know im waking up and  its 10 mins to class the nurse examins me for 20 mins tho and rights a note to give my teacher and says shell be calling my parents and imforming them about this and telling them what happened so i guess ash told her then i leave to go to my art class luckey for me my teacher is a layed back fun teacher who doesnt care if you listen to music through headphones as long as shes said all she has had to say us so thats a bonus and she gives us each a printed copy of the year plan and just telles us to work on our  cover page and do a couple scetches if we finish it early 

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