Hear I Am Once Again

Why did I fall in love with my bullies best friend??

A few years ago I got bullied by Michael and Ashton and one of their friends is my long lost twin and I feel I love with another one of their friends his name: Luke Hemmings


3. 3


I still can not belive it me HERO'S go to my school but the sad thing is they know and it's scary will they think I'm a freack cause of it? or will they be okay with it and accept me? how could I be so stupid and let it show.



I saw red lines on Alicen's arms they look freshish like withen the past 2 day's old and I feel the need to want to protect her but I can't manegment had said we CAN'T DATE ANYBODY and it's already killing me Alecen is everything I want in a girl and even more



I could'nt bear to see beatiful innocent Alicen get hurt or bullied by those guy's I don't even know them and I don't even like them I noticed how Ash said "is it because of them*pointing to her arms*" only then do I notice fresh marks a day or two old and these arnt any marks they are cutting marks they did this to her? 

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