Hear I Am Once Again

Why did I fall in love with my bullies best friend??

A few years ago I got bullied by Michael and Ashton and one of their friends is my long lost twin and I feel I love with another one of their friends his name: Luke Hemmings


2. 2


I wake up listeing to Black Veil Brides Perfect Weppon and I smile then I remember what day it is. The first day of the school year everybody will be rushing to get their time table, finding their friends and extanging their time tables then looking for their loccer to see who are their nabiours. I go shower then get dressed into 

then do my hair and make-up. I get an apple get my keys then go to my motior bike I'm the only one who rides one at my school I get to school early like normal and get my timetable then go to my loccer then 5 guys all in black apper then they start laughing for no ovious reason then they take off their sunglasses and I recconise them they are Black Veil Brides Ash askes who's moter bike is this one and shows a pic to me and i say "she's mine" their mothes drop to the ground then 5SOS show up then Ashton and  Michal say "oh the dand girl is right between us this year" that tone he has in his voice makes me wince thinking of what they can do to me but BVB see this and then Andy say's

"What gives you the right to treat her like this" *noticing my scars ashley pulls me close to him but is struggling cause I'm frozen on the spot shit scared*  Ashton see's this and say's "oh look guy's the little goth girl has finally got a guy, how much do you bet that he will dump her by the end of the day" then they walk away and i say "thanks Andy but you did'nt have to do that" then Ashley say's "is it cause of 'them' that you do this *pointing to my arms*" I just nodded 

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