Hear I Am Once Again

Why did I fall in love with my bullies best friend??

A few years ago I got bullied by Michael and Ashton and one of their friends is my long lost twin and I feel I love with another one of their friends his name: Luke Hemmings


1. 1


I'm not socibal at all well only when i have to like in class working in group progects even then its me who does all the work and all the teaches at school know it I'm teased for being smart and for my love of bands I'm always in the music room at school playing music and singing even writing my own songs, without music i would of gone crazy its the one thing that helps me and the reason im alive still my name ALICEN  HOPE JANE 16 years old and gone through alot more than should of happend and more then i should go through welcome to my life.


micheal and ashton were hitting me for being diffrent im not like all the other girls at my school who wear minie skerts and minie shorts and half tops reveling their perfect body for the boys at our school pretty brownblack or blond hair all are sluts party animals then theirs me anything but normal died hair into bands studies hard i prefer sitting at home in my room blasting my music. I know and understand I'm diffrent i have scars hidden from all eyes





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