Harry Styles. Emily White. They aren't exactly opposites... They were just never compatible..Emily was looking to have one boyfriend. One relationship, and one love. But Harry, he never wanted just one girlfriend, not on relationship, and certainly not one love. He was what you would call, a Womanizer. Now, he has to make Emily fall in love with him by the annual Winter dance at their school. But his only problem, is to not fall in love himself.


1. Prologue



  It was Friday. Finally. My week was complete shit and I was just ready to get my weekend off from this hellhole. My girlfriend. Kathleen broke up with me because apparently I like to whore around. Which may be true, but not if I'm in a relationship. 

   "Hey, Harry! Wait up!" Niall, one of my tolerant friends called out. I rolled my eyes and turned around, looking at him and leaning up against the lockers. 

  "Yes?" I asked, looking at him and furrowing my eyebrows. Niall smirked and shook his head, directing himself towards me. 

  "I heard K dumped you." He chuckled, patting my shoulder. I shook my head and shrugged. 

 "So? It's not like I can't find another girl and get her to like me." I laughed at Niall's stupidity, and scoffed. 

 "I'm sure that's not true." Niall objected, crossing his arms across his chest along with crossing his ankles.

 "No, seriously. Name any girl and I'll have her head over heels for me by..." I looked at my watch for extra effect and chewed on my bottom lip. "By, the Winter formal."

  "Is that how it is? Okay... Give me some details." Niall smirked and brushed his hand through his hair and nodded towards me. 

 "Well, you pick a girl and I will make her want to spend her whole life with me, but break her silly little heart right before entering the gym." I put my hands into my pocket and cocked up an eyebrow at him, seeing his eyes widen. 

 "God, you have no morals." Niall breathed, shaking his head. "Well, you have exactly one month until the formal. And..." He looked around, and smirked when his eyes landed on a girl. "You have to make Emily White, fall in love with you." My eyes widened and I gulped back. This was going to be a challenge. 

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