You Never Know (Dalton Rapattoni love story)

shes a professional 18 year old snow border he is a rock star two very two different people except shes like him in every way loves rock music and absoultly love his band. when they meet its like love at first site but so may people wont think these two will end up together i mean she loves the cold and he loves rocking out can they prove to the world that just because they are different they cant have a relation ship or will they fail miserably and leave them both heart broken. or will someone what her as much as he dose.


1. meeting

                                                     Dalton's P.O.V.

                                   We were currently at a  Snowboard compettion. " next up we have the women's half pipe" the announcer announced. man people went and then we heard . " last up from the swift team is Alex Morgan her dad owns the team and the snowboard resort but to make this clear don't underestimate this girl she's won 4 years in a row lets see what she has for us to day" the announcer said once again and the girl with a helmet and  white red and gray  jacket on. and her board was black ad blue. She went down the pipe and got to the top and crouched down and did a black flip and landed it. when she got to the top  she grabbed her bored and did a twist in the air and landed it. then for her next trick she did a front flip and landed it and her last and  final trick she did three front flips and landed them. the judges gave he all 10.0 her teams picked her up. " for the first time   in 5 years some one had finally landed the triple front flip. the announcer announced. everyone was cheering but I was plain out shocked. " the girl Alex took off her helmet and she was beautiful. " I think  our Dalton is in loooovvvvveeee" Lucas said nuddgeing me as I pushed him away.


                                                         Alex's  P.O.V.

                     I walked up when my brother jack picked me up and spun me around as I laughed. he is a year older then me and is over protective of me so he's basically a body guard  for me. " you did good baby sis" he said as I smiled. " hell yeah she did" the voice of me best friend  Mathew said as I ran and jumped into his arms. " hey love" he said he was like a second brother cuz he's basically friends with my brother and the brother of my best friend forever Ariya. then I heard her squeal  and I looked at my best friend she giggled. " what and  she smirked don't be alarmed but you have a really cute boy stareing at you" she said as I looked and saw him she was right he is HOT.  I smiled at him as he blushed an I giggled taken off my oversize jacket. I walked towards him and extened my hand. " hello im Alexandria  but you can call me Alex every one dose" I said with a smiled. he shook my had nervousely. " you nervouse" I asked as he nodded. " you know ill let you on a secret it may look like  I bite but truth is its actally them two boys who are death glareing at you my two brothers im actally sweet and don't bite so you can speak" I said as he smiled slightly. " Hey wait your Dalton Rapattoni from Fly away hero and before that Im5 right" I asked as he smiled " Y-Yeah how d-did you know t-that" he stuttered.


                           " well you see red head over there next to the boys who probley texting her boyfriend Ashton Irwin" I asked as he nodded she listiens to Im5 and to be honest you were the first one I noticed." I said blush as he smiled. " oooooooo Dalton's talking to a really hot girl well hi there beautiful im lucas from Fly Away Hero and I say you should date me" he said slinging an arm over Daltons shoulder  as Dalton looked down. I put my hands on my hip sassily. " im sorry Lucas but I was talking to Dalton over here and you kinda rudely interrupted  and besides I was hopeing Dalton would have asked that and he still might besides I have a  thing for shy boys" I said handing Dalton my number and walking off.


                                       Dalton's P.O.V.

                     " dang you got the irish girls number" Lucas said as our drummer asked who. " Alex freaken Morgan the freaken professional snowboarder" Lucas said. " but t could never happen right Dalton shes to sassy and probley daddy's little rich girl. " Lucas added " well she only sounded rude to you because you were rude and hit on her and rudely interrupted us talking"  I said walking away to see a boy with his arm around her and they were both laughing  the boy had dirty blonde quaffed  hair and a piercing. " like I said shes a daddy little rich girl  that's luke hemming's  you don't stand a chance against that  their in 5 sos" lucas said walking away. Alex turned around and spotted me and  smiled and waved bye to me I waved back and she smiled and blew a kiss. I smiled and pretended to catch it she giggled and turned around and jumped on her brothers back as they ran around with her laughing.

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