You Never Know (Dalton Rapattoni love story)

shes a professional 18 year old snow border he is a rock star two very two different people except shes like him in every way loves rock music and absoultly love his band. when they meet its like love at first site but so may people wont think these two will end up together i mean she loves the cold and he loves rocking out can they prove to the world that just because they are different they cant have a relation ship or will they fail miserably and leave them both heart broken. or will someone what her as much as he dose.


2. meeting again

                                                 Alex   P.O.V.

                  " Loki , Lacy get back here " I shouted after my to alaskian husky puppies they were both black and white with blue eyes.  I was in my snowboarding  jacket some legging and a sweater and boots and then I fell in the snow from running. I heard feet and my puppies  barking as omeone hlped me out of all the snow I fell in. " hey" a fimillar voice said as he dusted the snow off of me.  I looked up to see Dalton he smiled at me. " A-are theses your p-puppies" he asked as I nodded. " yeah this is Loki and Lacy my brother has one two shes the mother of these to Lacy is his puppy Loki is mine and that right Loki" I asked the dog as he barked. " thank you for saveing me I may seem like the daddys rich girl whos mean but im not so I gusse what im saying is your my shy hero" I said and kissed his cheek. I took his hand in mine as he blushed and I giggled. " your to cute you know that" I said as he nodded.  I smiled when  was attacked by luke. " are you ok I saw you fall in the snow are you hurt" he asked like in over protective brother.

                 "I'm fine  Dalton here saved me" i said smileing at Dalton as i heared luke scoff. " who this kid" he asked as i looked at him. " yeah this kid luke he saved me i could have suffocated under that snow but no your two worried of who my savior is well listien her DALTON RAPATTONI was my savior and is my savior  and is really hot  so just chill" i said taken Daltons hand and walking of. " Loki, Lacy come were going home" they barked and followed me.


                                               ~At Alex House~

                                                  Alex's P.O.V.

                     "  Sorry 'bout him his a real pain in the ass I don't get why people think I like him he's just a friend who acts like theres something between us" i said grabing two Cokes and handing him one. " thanks" he said. " your welcome"   I said and took his hand. so my dad Jordan Morgan walked in with Luke arguring. " Your suppose to get her to fall in love with her her and that boy Dalton cant be in love they have nothing in common hes just some rock wanna be. " my father said. " Yeah and your a real ass of a father" i said as he turned around.  " honey" he said. " no dad that Dalton kid saved my life today  he saved me from sufficateing under all that snow i fell in  and now your insulting my Savior " i said putting my hands on my hips. " and i will never like Luke you cant force me to love someone i don't love and fyi Dalton isn't some rock wanna be kid he's in a great rock band you just never heard of intill they get famous" i said grabbing Daltons hand  and walked in my room. " and when hes here your not welcomed in my room either of you" i said slamming my door.


                              I flopped on my bed and screamed as Dalton rubbed my back. " Mabey we shouldn't be friends anymore" he said as i looked at him. " no we only been friend for a day  and i don't care what anyone thinks of you your wonderful  sweet kind shy  cute you don't talk a lot  but your shy you don't know me much so don't give up right yet ill show you being best friends with me is awesome"  i said as he smiled " alright" he said as i smiled


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