Adopted by 1D // Hell Girl

There is a girl named, Ai Enma who lives in a orphanage where her grandmother and cousin put her in. The orphanage was called "Jigoku Shoujo Buisness" but now it's called "Flower Orphanage". It's really a torcherchamber but she likes it. Shes not like other girls, She is.....Hell Girl. (If you wondering what Jigoku Shoujo means it means Hell Girl. A place her family used to own now with another owner.)


2. My Hell of A Life

Ai's P.O.V.

When we arrived, there was a big mansion that had gates around it making it look like a professional house. We had gotten out of the car and headed inside the house. It was a big house, but I wasn't shocked or surprised. Pretty much I have no feelings.

We had sat down on the couch and there was a moment of silence, until the guy with the beard and brown hair broke it. "So what's your name? Is it Ai(aye)?", "Its spelled correctly but it's pronounced as Ai(Ah-e)." I replied. "Oooohhhh." he said acting all dumb. "May I ask what's you guys names?" I asked. "Y-You don't know us???!" The curly haired guy said. I shook my head no. "Well I'm Louis, the curly hair is Harry, the blonde hair is Niall, the black Mohawk guy is Zayn, and the one with the weird voice is Liam. And we're One Direction!" He screamed in my ear.

Instead of flinching I had pulled out my notebook and wrote all there names down. "Hmmmm your a very interesting child, your not like other girl, are you?" Louis asked, "Nope I'm just a girl who came from hell to complete other people revenge on others and have them pay with their life." I explained. "What? I'm confused."Louis said, I pulled out my death straw doll. "What is that for?".

"Louis please let me explain what it is."."okay." He replied. "This is a death straw doll, there's a website I have, you have to put in the name you want to get revenge on, but you only get one chance. Once you press enter by midnight I get the message of the revenge. And you've automatically spawn me in you house. I give you this doll and warn you about this revenge. You have tomorrow to make a decision, if you want revenge. If you want revenge you pull this red yarn. And I start my business.".

"So, if I pull the red yarn will you torchure Harry?"Louis asked, "Yes, but not only torchure but death in hell." I answered. "Woah." They all said in chorus. "So that's why they call you Hell Girl" Zayn said, "Correct" I nodded.


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I had changed my username to Alois Trancy. And I hope you guys enjoyed the story! Bye!!!

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