Lost And Found

Erica is 23 years old, lives on her own and is a simple journalist. When her sister goes missing, she feels the desperate need to go and find her- nobody else will anyways. During her search, she meets Maxwell, she finds somethings out that she doesn't wanna hear but will she find her sister?


5. Thinking Of You

Erica left her clothes lay on the floor as she stepped into the steamy atmosphere of her shower. The tension had built up since the moment she laid eyes on Maxwell Hart and, even now, she couldn't help but think of the way he looked at her... touched her. SHe couldn't seem to get him off of her mind. He was consuming all of her thoughts and making her emotions go wild.


Her scent still lingered in the car even after she had gone and it was driving Max crazy. He opened the windows and picked up his speed to try and air it out but it didn't seem to be working. There was just under a half an hour before the sunrise so he couldn't go back to After Dark to feed; Kyra was his only option.

At 4:45, he knocked on her door and sighed heavily when she appeared, "I need you." He stated. He hated taking advantage of her like this but her seductive smirk told him she didn't mind.

Kyra stepped aside to let Max in and he breathed in her scent to get rid of Erica's. With another sigh, he followed her into her bedroom. She closed the door behind them and shrugged off her rode leaving it next to the bed.

"Where have you been max?" She asked. "You look tired."

"I'm working on a new case," he replied bringing her small body into his arms. He used to like this. The feel of her against him; but now she just felt fleshless and almost dead. She held no more life inside her.

He set aside his thoughts and dipped his head down to her neck. He needed the release and bloodlust to take him as he drank, but oddly, aside from replenishing his hunger, he felt nothing. The erection he had been bottling since the moment he tasted Erica, began to subside as he too his fill from Kyra. She seemed to be unexciting him to say the least.

When he finished, she wrapped her arms around his neck, ready for what usually came next. He glanced out the bedroom window, readying his excuse, before looking back at her, "I wish I had the time." He lied. 

She gave him a pouting face, "oh come on Max! You're gonna leave me like this?"

He felt badly but it just wasn't the same. He wanted Erica and he couldn't seem to think of anything- or anyone- else besides her- maybe if he could just picture her while... no. What a crazy idea.

"I have to go."

Kyra continued to give him her best pouting face but eventually she gave up, knowing she would never win, and got out her contact book to call somebody.

Max left her house and got in his car only to be greeted by Erica's scent that was still lingering. He groan aloud as his mind began to race with thoughts of Erica again. He could not stop thinking about her and it was like a curse that she had plagued upon him. Even as he enter his home, his mind was still racing with thoughts of Erica. He was pacing across his living room floor. He wanted to call her but there was no point. He couldn't come over now because of the sun. By the time he would have finished the phone call and driven over there, the sun would already be up. Eventually he decided to just call it a day and go to sleep until he needed to pick up Erica.


When the time had come for Max to pickup Erica, he grabbed his keys and set off to her apartment. Thankfully her scent was gone from his car so he could drive over to apartment with just his thoughts to torture him. By the time he arrived, he thought he had nearly gone insane.

Erica was waiting outside for Max and got right into his car when she had seen him pull up. She was wearing black shorts with a loose black tank top, a leather jacket and black combat boots. As soon as she was in the car, Max couldn't do anything but simply stare at her. Erica noticed it too.

"Is there something wrong with how I am dressed today? You said to dress comfortably and this is how I normally dress-"

"You look fine," he said cutting her off mid sentence. "I just didn't expect you to dress like that."

"What is that supposed to mean?" she blushed.

Ignoring her question, he put the car in drive and began heading in the direction of Mr. Andrews.

"Where are we going?"

Max looked over at Erica quickly before returning his eyes to the road, "to an acquaintance of mine, Mr. Andrews."

"What will we find at his place."

"Nothing. I just need to speak with him."

He heard her sigh and saw her look down at her hands but didn't say anything.

"I have to use the restroom when we get there- if that's okay."

"That's fine."

He hated how he was acting towards her but he can't let her know the affect she is having on him right now. Not just yet. 

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