Lost And Found

Erica is 23 years old, lives on her own and is a simple journalist. When her sister goes missing, she feels the desperate need to go and find her- nobody else will anyways. During her search, she meets Maxwell, she finds somethings out that she doesn't wanna hear but will she find her sister?


1. After Dark

After Dark, 12:00 AM and it was a mildly popular club. Waiting in line was hard. It took anywhere from minutes to hours to get in. Depending on that nights crowd.

Erica saw the bodyguard, Frank, and shivered. He's kicked many girls out and tonight he has kicked out about a dozen just while she waited in line and that made her worry. She needed to get into this club no matter what.

The girl right before Erica was kicked out and now it's her turn to be let in. Frank grabbed her wrist, harshly, and asked, "Do you smoke?"

"No," she answered honestly looking up at him with nervous eyes.

"Use needle?"


"Think of suicide?"

"No!" she sighed getting annoyed.

Once he saw that she was sincere about all her answers, he gave her a look for her to on on inside.

Erica is a fairly simple girl. Long curly brown hair, medium toned skin, big golden brown eyes and was average height. Only about five foot three but she didn't seem to mind. She worked as a journalist because it was about all she could do for a decent amount of money since she dropped out of college during her second year.

Her sister, Elana, had gone missing a few weeks ago and Erica had no clue where to search. She didn't think regular clubs would be any interest to her sister but Elana had always loved those stupid vampire clubs and that was the last thing Erica knew her sister was at- but she didn't know what one. There were quite a few in the city too which would only make her job harder.

When Erica walked in the club, there were body searches going on and she fought back a gag as she saw men squatted behind each of the women. Their hands under each of the girls skirts and dresses going up between their legs and gripping their asses. Their hands exploring the girls from ankle to thigh and obviously the girls were either used to it or didn't seem to care. 

Erica let people pass her and while the guards were occupied with the sluts they were handling, at the moment, she dropped her head down and managed to slip past them without getting noticed. When she was past them she was almost immediately lost in a sea of people that filled the dance floor.

This was gonna be hard for Erica considering she was not into this kind of thing. Scanning the club, as best as she could, she looked for any sign of her sister. Looking from wall to wall and even ceiling to floor, she saw no sign of Elana. The last time Erica saw Elana she had short blond hair with the same color eyes as Erica but a lot smaller. Circiling the whole place and even getting herself lost in the dancing crowd of horribly dressed people, she still couldn't find Elana and decided to go sit at the bar.

"Can I get you anything?" the bartender asked while drying a glass and putting it away for it's next use.

"I'll just have a martini. Extra dry." she said a little too quickly.

The bartender looked at her as if she told a joke that wasn't funny. He had obviously caught onto the fact that this wasn't Erica's scene but rolled his sleeves up one more roll then turning to make the drink.

I must be out of my mind. I don't come to places like this? A place full of fucking vampires who probably wanted to suck my damn blood. Erica thought to herself.

She noticed there were rooms next to the bar she sat at that reeked of smoke, alcohol and sex. Erica thought of the voicemail that Elana left on her cell. ​"I've been hanging out at the vampire clubs, come get me out… I need help and I can't do this alone." But why would she not tell her where she was?

The bartender handed Erica her drink then turned to clean more drinking glasses.

"How much do I owe you?" She asked reaching for her purse.

He laughed, "you don't buy your drinks. I keep tabs and when someone picks you up, they buy."

"Nobody is picking me up and this is all I will be having. I'm leaving in a minute anyways." she said looking in her small bag and placing a $10 bill on the counter. She slid it across the counter towards the guy making the drinks then finished her drink.

All of the sudden large hands appeared on her arm, "you!" Frank yelled as Erica tried to yank her arm out of his tight grip.

"What's the problem Frank?" the bartender asked setting the glass, he was cleaning, down.

"This one didn't get searched," he growled turning her around forcefully, spreading her legs apart and starting his search. His nasty hands went up and down her sides then yanked the hem of her skirt and searched underneath feeling the garter that was keeping her stockings up.

"What the hell are you looking for!?" she asked getting irritated as he practically violated her.

"Fuckin' stokes. Bitches like you always hide 'em up your skirts. You're clean though. Who's buyin for ya?"


"You don't have a buyer?"

"She was just leaving anyways. Escort her to the door," the bartender suggested. 

Frank gave Erica a nasty smirk then yanked her towards him as he walked to the door, "lets go then."

"I am buying for her."

The voice that said that sent chills up and down Erica's spine. It was deep and sexy with a hint of a british to it and there was something else that Erica liked about it but she couldn't quite tell because the music was so loud.

​Frank turned around, yanking Erica along with him and when he saw the man who said those five simple words, he let her go pushing her towards him slightly. She looked up at him and couldn't help but admire his beauty. Perfect light brown hair with natural blond highlights, muscular body build, and a good five or six inches taller than the bartender which put him at about six foot five. He was wearing a white button down shirt that had the top few buttons undone reveling his beautiful chest, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and black skinny jeans with a simple black belt. 

He held out his hand to her and she looked at him with wide eyes, "I was just leaving." He said reassuring her. She looked at his hand then back up at him once more before nodding and taking ahold of his hand. He had a firm grim on her hand but then moved his hand up to her upper arm and was practically dragging her out of the club, "management doesn't like drop-in's. If a human comes in, it is understood what they are there to do. If you wanna leave without someone feeding on you, then come with me." He said before they were actually out of the club.

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