Suprise visit from Niall Horan

Hey guys this is my first book and I'm not very good at it so can you guys tell me what you's think about it thanks xx Britt

Brittney Irvine a normal 16 year old girl who just got cheated on by her ex Justin is now partying like no tomorrow with her best friends gets a unexpected visiter and you wouldn't guess who. The one the only Niall Horan. Is this really happening or is Brittney dreaming


1. home alone

Hi I'm Brittney. I'm a 16 year old girl and I'm single. I'm having a girls night tonight and we are having a lot of fun. They are all here, Jess, Maddie, Bre and last but not least Olivia. We are all dancing to work by Iggy Azalea and I know every word. 'No money. No family. 16 in the middle of Miami' I belt out as my favourite song blares out through my speakers. We are all dancing till we hear a knock on the door. We go to the door although we were weary cause no one ever comes to my house. I peak through my peak hole and squeal when I see who it is. It's my best gay friend Jake Steele. We have been friends longer then I can remember. Jake and I have been friends before any of my other friends and I have been friends. So instinctly I open the door and jump on him. He spun me around and kissed me on the forehead. Now we are all partying and my friends and I being the awkward/ dirty people we are Maddie and I were grinding on each other.

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