5SoS One Direction Fanfiction
Mae is a17year old girl that has scars mentally and physically her best friends are Ashton Irwin and Rayne Danos. Her Father left her when she was just a baby her mother has been a mess since. her love life is a Social Casualty. who falls for her. who does she fall for and what is she addicted to? all good questions read to find out the answers


2. Drunk Bastard

Daniel takes me to the boys bathroom. Of course he wants to make out like we always do.

Mae: Uhm babe this isnt such a suprise we do this like everyday.

Daniel: This isnt the suprise

i kept walking til we entered the boys bathroom as soon as we got in there daniel took me into the big stall like always and slammed me against the stall wall and started kissing me aggressivley then i tasted the alcohol on his breath and relised hes drunk but hes drunk alot so it doesnt bother me inbetween breaths Daniel usually says 'I love you' but this time hes just kissing me. Daniel starts to take my pants off

Mae:Daniel stop you know i dont wanna.

Daniel: Relax just come on

Mae: Daniel no STOP!

i try to fight him but lays me down forcefully and spreads my legs.


Tears are rolling down my face now


Daniel: Shut up! you know you want this.

I hear the door open and i keep pleading for help Daniel doesnt notice the person that entered the bathroom



Ashton bashes the door open and pushes Daniel off of me and i see him beat the shit out of him but then i black out.


Ash: I'm here Mae its okay

*Blacks out agian*


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