Open Your Eyes

"Where the fuck do you think your going indigo." His cold harsh voice snapped

"I..I N..Need T..To G..Get H..Home.." I stuttered

"No you don't, we need to do something first," he whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. I was shaking with fear

"N..No Y..You D..Don't U..Understand..." I started to speak up but it was no use

"Your right... I don't understand, but that's too bad," he said. My eyes were clenched shut but I could tell he was smirking. He let out a low raspy chuckle.

There was silence for a few moments so I thought I was safe.

Once again, I was wrong. I felt a hard punch in my stomach.

I yelped and fell to my knees. I heard his voice. His deep, raspy voice. I could feel his glare burning my skin. He let out a chuckle.

My eyes were still clenched shut as I felt his stone cold hands grip my throat. "Open your eyes."


1. Chapter 1

At every school there is that one kid who nobody knows. That one kid who is always on his own. That one kid who never speaks, who has no friends. That one kid who just sticks to the shadows, the kid who's invisble. Well that kid is me. I'm Indigo Waters.

There's nothing really interesting about me. I have toffee brown hair with a fringe that covers one eye and I have bright blue eyes. I'm really skinny and short and I always wear baggy jumpers and skinny jeans.


I hurried into the school building and to my locker. I got my books out and slid my bag on my shoulder. I shut my locker and suddenly felt somebody's presence behind me. I hesitantly turned around and saw a large figure towering over me. I had to crane my neck to see them properly. I blinked twice and stepped back so i was up against my locker. 

"I'm new around here, show me where the main office is," he demanded. I nodded quickly and started walking to the main office with this person behind me. I showed him to the main desk and he was given his schedule. The bell went and I quickly hurried to my first class.


I stepped into the maths classroom and hurried to my right at the front. Everyone filed in as the second bell rang. The seat next to me was empty as the class started. It was always empty, nobody even noticed I was in this class. Five minutes into the class, the classroom door opened. Everyone automatically turned the heads to look at whoever had just entered the classroom. I immediately recognised it to be the boy from this morning. "I'm awfully sorry, I'm new today and I got lost," he said. The teacher gave him a warm smile. "Don't worry about it, welcome to Kensington high!" he said cheerily. The boy smiled awkwardly at our maths teachers enthusiasm and just stood by the door. "Just sit in one of the empty seats," the teacher said and went back to writing questions on the whiteboard. The boy scanned the room with his eyes trying to find the best place to sit as there were several empty spaces. His eyes landed on me and a huge smirk appeared on his face showing his large dimples. I looked down quickly but I could see him making his way over to me. I looked down and carried on with the work. He sat down in the seat next to me and I felt his leg pushed up against me.

"I'm Harry Styles," he whispered. I just nodded quickly and carried on with my work. "Well aren't you going to tell me your name." he snapped quietly so the teacher didn't here. I let out a whimper and he smirked. "Indigo Waters..." I stuttered. He nodded. 

"nice name.." he whispered and started to actually do the work on the whiteboard. The teacher started coming round the classroom marking our answers. He came to me and Harry last, his eyes scanned Harry's work and he wrote his mark on his paper. I peered over and saw he had got 5 out of ten. Our teacher scanned my work and a smile appeared on his face. "well done Indigo, only one in the entire class to get full marks," he said and I smiled awkwardly as he wrote my mark. The teacher went back to his desk and starting setting our homework. It looked quite difficult but I could manage it. He set three different sets of homework, the one you got depended on what mark you got. I got the most difficult along with three others and Harry got the least difficult along with half of the class. 


The bell for the end of the day ran and I hurried to my locker to put the books I didn't need for homework away. I shut my locker and was about to head out of the school when I was pushed back into my locker. I let out a whimper and looked up and saw Harry. I had had four out of six classes with him today which was unfortunate. "What do you want." I stuttered and he smirked. "Well your quite the know it all, and I have a lot of unpacking to do, so your going to do these for me," he said and handed me the four different homework's we had been set in the classes we shared. "but.." I stuttered.

"No buts, oh, and get a few wrong on yours so the teachers don't get suspicious," he said and patted my head before leaving. I whimpered and slid the extra books into my bag and hurried to my small mini. I saw Harry climb into his black land rover, he saw me looking and gave me a wink. I looked down and climbed into my car and headed back to my house.


My house was quite large but was only one floor. I parked my car next to my mothers and headed inside. My little sister Brooke ran to me, "Indy!!" she squealed. She was only three. I smiled and scooped her up in my arms and placed her on my hip. "Hello Brookie!!" I cheered making her giggle. "How was pre school?" I asked her as I walked into the kitchen with her. 

"Good!" she said as I sat her on the counter and poured myself a glass of water. I smiled and tickled her tummy making her giggle even more. I helped her down and she ran into the living room and started playing with some of her toys which were scattered on the floor of the large lounge area. I smiled and sat on the sofa and started on some of the homework I had been given. I decided to start on Maths as it was the easiest. I completed Harry's homework easily and moved onto mine, finishing it in fifteen minutes. I got a few questions wrong purposely like Harry had told me to do. I opened my chemistry text book and started studying for a test we had coming up. 


Twenty minutes later I heard the front door unlock. I closed my textbook and went out into the hall to see my mother wheeling my brother Kieran inside. My brother was in a wheelchair as he was paralysed head down. I smiled and immediately took the shopping bags from my mother so it was easier to get Kieran inside. I unpacked the shopping and made a cup of tea for my mother. I handed it to her and she smiled and took a sip. "How was school love?" she asked me. "Good.." I replied and kissed her cheek smiling. I decided not to tell her about Harry as I didn't want to worry her as she was always stressed anyway. "Indigo can you look after Kieran and Brooke tonight? I'm going out with George tonight," She asked me. I nodded and smiled weakly. George was my mother's new boyfriend. My mum and Dad divorced after Brooke was born and she met George two years ago. I hadn't really hit it off with George and he didn't like me at all. I didn't tell my mum this as George seemed to make my mum really happy. She went to get ready and I took Kieran to his room and turned on his TV for him. He was eight years old now so I put spongebob on for him. He gurgled when it came on and I smiled. Spongebob was his favourite show. I chuckled. "You like that Kieran?" I asked him and kissed his nose and he gurgled again which I took as a yes. I went back out to the living room and Brooke asked me to play with her. I smiled and started playing Princesses with her. 


Thirty minutes later the doorbell rang. I pulled of the tiara that Brooke had given me and got up and went to answer the door. I opened it and saw George standing there in a tuxedo. "Hi George.." I said quietly. 

"Indigo." he spat and I looked down. "Where's your mother," he continued. 

"In her bedroom.." I quickly replied and he hurried off to her bedroom. I went back to Brooke and watched some cartoons with her. Ten minutes later my mother came out of her bedroom followed by George. She looked beautiful, I smiled wide and went out to her. "You look gorgeous mum," I said and she smiled. I hugged her tight and took in her vanilla scent. 

"Thanks sweetie," she said and smiled wide.

"Linda, we're going to miss our reservation," George said coldly. I sighed and pulled out of my mother's embrace and stepped back. She smiled softly and kissed my cheek. "Don't wait up," she said softly and headed out the door with George. I looked at the time and saw it was almost six o clock. I put some pizza and chips in the oven for me Brooke and mushed up some banana for Kieran. 


I put the pizza and chips onto a plate and set the table. "Brookie! Dinner's ready!" I called. I heard her tiny feet running towards the kitchen. I turned around and smiled and helped her onto one of the bar stools and put the plate of food in front of her. I gave her a knife and fork and went to get Kieran. I wheeled him to the kitchen and sat down in front of him and fed him his food. Some dribbled down his chin, I quickly wiped it away and turned to Brooke who had food all round her face. I chuckled and grabbed a wet wipe and cleaned her up. I wheeled Kieran into the living room and Brooke ran to her bedroom. I went back into the kitchen and started washing the dishes. I looked out of the window above the sink and saw a removal van parked in front of the house opposite us. I guess somebody had finally bought the house opposite us after three years. I put the freshly washed dishes away and went to put Kieran to bed. I checked on Brook and she was fast asleep on her bedroom floor, clutching her dolly. I smiled softly and changed her into her pyjamas and tucked her in bed. I made my way to my bedroom. It was the smallest bedroom out of all of them but I had my own bathroom. You could just fit a double bed in my room along with a tiny wardrobe and a set of shelves on the wall. I changed into a sweatshirt and sweats and crawled into bed. I fell asleep almost immediately.


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