Danielle and Sebastian have a very close friendship. Of course like everyone else in the school, Sebastian is head over heals for her but the problem is Danny has a boyfriend, and not a very nice one. With a pinky promise that should never be broken only Seb knows Danny’s little secret about her abusive relationship she cannot seem to leave. All Seb can really do is stand by and watch Danny suffer, or will he take action and risk a friendship to save her from the violence. Will Danielle ever be free?


1. "Pinky Promise Me."

A/N: I wanted to let everyone know before you start reading this, that this book will never have Danielles pov. This is strictly about someone on the sidelines of someone they care about who is being abused in a relationship. It captures the helplessness of a boy who loves someone who is in such a horrific relationship such as Danny's. personally I thought it was different than the main character being treated in this way. Please enjoy. c:

* * * *


“Sebastian.” Danielle sung from behind me. I knew it was her, I always knew.


I turned in my seat to look at her beautiful blue eyes. Her sandy blond hair was as wild as ever but that was why I adored it so much. Her hair fit her out-of-control personality perfectly. I couldn’t help but stare and smile at such a gorgeous girl. Danielle knew exactly how to grab the attention of the male population at school, I heard around that even girls crushed on such a wild child as her. Like every other individual in this town, I was very interested in her, but she had an uptight asshole of a boyfriend.


“Hey Danielle.” I gave a warm smile and scooted over to let her sit at the lunch table full of already seated kids. “Saved ya a seat.”


“How sweet of you, but I cannot stay long, your sister is giving me the death glare.” She laughed and looked over to where my younger sister and her friends were seated, all staring this way at us.


I gave a smirk. “She doesn’t know how to share.”


“Brothers and sisters are so entertaining.” She laughed and stole a carrot off of my untouched tray.


“Are you saying you are only friends with me to start a fight between my sister and I. I am truly hurt Danny, I totally thought you enjoyed my company.” I held my hand to my heart as if she truly injured my feelings.


She glanced back at her original table then gave me a peck on the cheek and stood up. “You know I cannot get enough of you Sebastian.” She winked. “Gotta go though, the boyfriend is back.”


When she left my smile died. Danielle had a boyfriend and thats what stood in the way of everyone and Danielle. No one really liked Dylan because of his attitude and the way he sometimes treated her on the down low. I knew a lot about Danielle and Dylan’s relationship because my sister never kept her loud mouth shut while she was on the phone.


All the sudden someone grabbed my shoulder, taking me out of my thoughts. “Hey man.” I looked over to see Jasper, one of my best friends.


“Finally someone to talk to.” I said as I started to pop chicken nuggets into my mouth.


“We have this whole table filled with people to talk to.” Jasper reminded me. He was very wrong though. It was rather lonely without the company of a true friend.


“So soccer practice.” I brought up to change the subject.


He looked at me with a smile. “You're the captain now aren’t you?”


I nodded my head and gave my own smile. After hard work and plenty of leadership given to the guys the couch picked me as captain. I was lucky to have a team like I did who accepted and all wanted me to be captain as well. I don’t want to go bragging about my leadership skills but they were pretty awesome in my opinion.


Jasper put his arm around me in a headlock and I pretended to choke like I couldn’t breathe. He knew I was pretended cause he didn’t release me. I began to stand and that brought his body up along with mine. “Let me go you idiot.” I growled.


“But this is the congratulations present, from me to you bro.” He let out a laugh as deep as his voice was.


I ended up getting a hold of his legs to cradle him like a baby. This didn’t go well with the officer that hung out at lunch as he decided to take action to our goofing off. “BOYS!” He yelled at us.


Jasper let go of my head and I let go of his whole body, which of course sent him straight to the ground and on his ass. Most of the people in the cafeteria were laughing hysterically at this point as Jasper got up and rubbed his butt.  “Dude, that hurt.” He glared at me.


“What did you want me to do, my princess, carry you off into the sunset?”


“No asshole, I wanted you to put me down gently.” He scoffed.


I couldn't help but chuckle. “Sorry I couldn’t fulfill your desires.”


“You’re gay.” He grumbled.


The bell rang signalling that lunch was over so Jasper started taking his tray up to the trash cans. I followed behind still laughing at my previous joke because to me, it was still pretty funny. I couldn’t help but notice that Danielle was right behind me and I snagged a chicken nugget off of her tray before she threw the remains of her lunch in the trash in front of me.


“Keep your hands to yourself.” My little sister, Jessie told me.


I smirked. “Careful Jess, or I’ll tell Jasper everything.” i whispered to her, hoping Jasper wouldn't hear what I was saying while he was still in front of me.


Her eyes got big but she kept quiet as we walked out of the cafeteria and into the packed hallway. We all went our separate ways as I sluggishly made my way to economics. I perked right up when I remembered Danielle also had that class with me and sat right next to me in the back row. We goofed around because the teacher really didn’t care about much. As I took my original seat I watched as Danielle came in, slowly and smiled at everyone she passed. Giving her hellos to everyone she knew. Danielle was nice to everyone, which was another thing I enjoyed about her.


I watched her finally take a seat before her mouth opened. “You shouldn’t pick on Jess like that.”


“She shouldn’t get mad when we talk and then have a crush on my best friend. It’s pretty much the same thing.” I mumbled. “And are you really going to lecture me about it?”


She crossed her legs before she said anything. “You should meet me at our place after school.”


I felt like there was a serious sound in her voice because why else would she want to go to our spot? That spot was our safe place to think and to be alone even sometimes alone together, where we could talk to each other and say things we couldn’t even tell our best friends. I looked at her questionably but nodded my head, understanding her need to talk.


The rest of my classes dragged on until the final bell went off to release us from Hell AKA this school. I grabbed my skateboard and met up with Jasper before I was off to the spot I had to meet Danielle at.


“So who are you ditching me for?” Jasper said, longboard in hand.


“I told you, I wasn’t ditching you, our plans just got moved back ‘cause someone needs my help.”


“Whatever man, I’ll be waiting at your house then. And I am going to eat all your food.” He chuckled.


“Stay away from my pizza rolls you shit!” I yelled as I skated out the door of the school.


I showed up to the spot Danny wanted me to show up at. Danielle was already there as I made my way to the blue bench near the water. Well I don’t think it was really a bench to be honest it was more like a thing to separate the walkway and the water but Danielle and I sat on it like a bench. I set my skateboard down on the blue bench thing and sat on my board. Danielle’s legs were being hugged to her chest as she stared off into the blue of the water.


I didn’t want to say anything and interrupt the perfect silence. We never asked what was wrong, we always just waited till someone decided to spill the beans. In this case, she was the one that had beans to spill.


“There is something really important I have to tell you Sebastian, something I can never tell anyone else” She finally let out, sighing at the end of her sentence.


Worry was probably plastered to my face because she suddenly looked away from me and looked down. “What is it?” I finally asked.


There was another long pause, like she was deciding whether to tell me or not. “Pinky promise me you won’t tell a soul Sebastian.”


I grabbed her pinky with my own and tightened it around hers, then we kissed our own fists to make it official. “Now tell me, I am getting antsy.” I told her, not holding back as I began to feel a knot in my stomach. I never seen her so serious.

“He has been abusing me for a while now.” She said quietly, biting on her fingernail.

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