Danielle and Sebastian have a very close friendship. Of course like everyone else in the school, Sebastian is head over heals for her but the problem is Danny has a boyfriend, and not a very nice one. With a pinky promise that should never be broken only Seb knows Danny’s little secret about her abusive relationship she cannot seem to leave. All Seb can really do is stand by and watch Danny suffer, or will he take action and risk a friendship to save her from the violence. Will Danielle ever be free?


2. “I saw it with my own two eyes.”

I couldn’t stop thinking of Danielle’s words. they were all that was going through my head since she told me. Dylan abusing sweet Danny. The rage inside me began to boil as I wished his face could meet my fist. I was more than positive they would become great friends. What was Danny thinking being with someone like that, she deserved so much better in her life. I knew Jasper could sense my anger but i tried to cool down so he wouldn’t ask because I couldn’t tell him.


After Danielle told me that, I hadn't said much as we both walked to my house. I wanted to ask her so many questions but I knew I couldn't because she just needed her space. She just told me something big, something she hasn’t even worked up the courage in telling anyone else and I didn't want her to regret telling me such a secret.


“Hey man, you okay.” Jasper paused the game to ask.


Dammit. “Yeah just mad you keep kicking my ass.” I lied with a fake smile to match.


“I cannot help it that you suck. That is all you right there.” He is so easily fooled.


I couldn’t help but glare at him. “Just start the game back up.”


“Whatever you say. No mercy though, I promise you that.” i could sense his grin, but didn’t bother to make sure as I pushed the game controller buttons with rage.


As He wipes the floor with me I decided to grab my phone and text Danielle. Since she was staying that night I figured she could sneak off and come see me when Jessie falls asleep, because it happens every time she stays over.


Eventually Jasper crashed on my floor in the middle of a game. I couldn't help but shake my head. I turned it off and slowly opened my door, hoping not to wake him. It was late and I was crossing my fingers Danny was still up so we could talk about her previous troubles. I walked out into the quiet living room. It seemed to be lightly lit by the candle on the coffee table. I assumed that Danielle was up because she always lit that exact candle at night when she was in here.


“Hey.” I whispered, looking at her figure as she was again hugging her knees like before. She did a little wave, which gave me the okay to sit next to her. If she wanted time to herself, she would of ignored me. She has done that before. “Can I ask a billion questions now?”


I copied the way she sat as I hugged my knees tight and turned my head to look at her. I rested my face on my bare knees waiting patiently for a reply. If she would say no, I wouldn’t bother. Eventually she let out a long sigh before she said yeah. I nodded even though I knew she couldn’t see me.


“Why are you with him Danny?” Was the most important question I could ask. I made sure it didn’t sound too pushy or even irritated with her. I didn’t want her to think I thought she was dumb for continuing this horrifying relationship. I wanted her to know I wasn’t going to be the one to judge.


I watched as her shoulders went up and then down, in a shrug. “I don’t know.” She said in words. “We have just been together for so long. Have you ever felt like you wanted to leave but you’re too attached to that person that you just can’t? That is how I feel. Dylan and I are too connected.”


I turned my head to stare at my feet. I did know what it was like to want to get rid of someone. I felt that way with Danielle long back when I first knew I loved her. I wanted so badly to not feel that way with her and I figured if I stopped talking to her and pushed her away I wouldn’t feel that, but I was too attached and couldn’t do it. I accepted my long growing feelings for her, ones that will never be told.


“I know what you mean. I am not judging you on your choices. I just want you to be safe.” Was all I really could say to something like this.


I could feel her eyes on me now and I quickly glanced over to see if she was looking at me, she was. “I feel like I can handle it. I feel like he will not do it again.”


Nodding my head, I leaned over and placed a light kiss on her knee. All I really wanted was to be the guy to place a kiss on her lips, but I had to fight these urges to take action. The last thing she needed was for me to do something crazy at a time like this. Whether she really loved Dylan or not I shouldn’t be trying to make moves on her.


I let my thighs leave the warmth of my chest as my feet hit the carpeted flooring. I layed back on the couch cushion and extended my arms to lay on the top of the couch. I let out a huge sigh and glanced over at Danielle. She seemed to be deep in thought at the moment and I didn’t want to ruin that.


“Thank you for being here for me.” She broke the silence.


I let a small smile play on my lips. “You know I will always be.”


* * *


Since Danielle told me about Dylan, I couldn’t get my mind off the topic. It upset me that Dylan could hit such an amazing girl, or even any girl for that matter. The thought made my blood boil but all I could be was shoot imaginary lasers at the back of his head, and at lunch when he wasn’t looking. The fact that Danielle won’t even do anything about it made me angry. I heard about girls who said that that was the last time he would hit her, and it never is.


All I wanted was for school to end so I could go to soccer practice. Soccer made me forget about everything and the fact that I was the captain made it better. The team was family, whether we all got along or not. We could fight and punch each other but on that field there was no anger, no hatred, only love for one another and team work being shown every day. I respected everyone on the team and honestly didn’t have a problem with anyone.


“Now I want you boys to run around this field till I tell you guys that you can stop!” Coach yelled.


I heard a few groans but of course they were hushed. If coach would of heard them, we would be running till we puked. I started off, running round and round at a jogging pace. I heard a hey and looked over my shoulder to see Jasper catching up to me.


“What’s with you man, all day you been out of it.” He informed me.


I shook my head and tried to keep my breathing even as I followed the white lines marking the field. “I am fine.”


I could sense that he was glaring at me. I couldn’t get anything by Jasper, so I decided to make up something. “I just was thinking about today, we finally get to play a scrimmage.”


“Dude right, I have been waiting for this forever now.” yep, couldn’t get anything passed good ol’ Jasper.


As soon as we made another couple laps around I couldn’t help but notice Dylan behind the shed in between the football and soccer field. He was with a girl and they were being pretty friendly if you ask me. She would touch his arm and they were smiling at each other. It made me want to go right over there and show him a thing or two about respect. Before I could make a step in the wrong direction the coach blew his whistle and told us to meet in the middle. I gave one more glare at Dylan’s fat head and then stomped to the circle.


I wanted to intervene but I couldn’t. Our coach was more intense than a football one, and I didn’t want to get into trouble for not obeying. SInce I was the Captain, I had to do more than just obey, I had to sit and roll over for this guy, not that I didn’t like him because I did but because I didn’t want to kill myself with extra of anything or lose my spot in captain. There was only one thing I could do, I had to tell Danielle.


After practice I had shot a text to Danielle to meet me in our spot. This time I was the first one to be there as I watched the water waiting for her. Once i heard movement, I looked over to see her walking towards me. I scooted over to give her more room as she sat next to me.


“What do you need?” She asked.


“It isn’t easy for me to tell you this,” It really wasn’t. I didn’t want her emotionally hurt like she was already physically hurt by this dumbass. “I saw Dylan.” I paused. “He was with another girl Danielle.”


She looked at me as if she was a little shocked. “He would never do that to me.” And yet she couldn't be anymore wrong.


“I saw it with my own two eyes.” I nodded my head, replaying what happened in my head to remind me of what he was doing.


She looked angry. I would be angry too if my boyfriend did that to me. I mean, I don’t have a boyfriend. If I were a girl- nevermind. “I understand if you are angry-”


Danielle cut me off. “Why would you assume he is cheating on me! Is it because of what I told you? I trusted you wouldn’t try and lie to me and make up silly things so I would leave him. I told you he wouldn’t ever do it again!”


Wait, what? “Danielle I-” That is not at all what I meant!

“No Sebastian. You know what, I am leaving. I’ll call you later when I have calmed down.” I watched as she walked away.

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