Danielle and Sebastian have a very close friendship. Of course like everyone else in the school, Sebastian is head over heals for her but the problem is Danny has a boyfriend, and not a very nice one. With a pinky promise that should never be broken only Seb knows Danny’s little secret about her abusive relationship she cannot seem to leave. All Seb can really do is stand by and watch Danny suffer, or will he take action and risk a friendship to save her from the violence. Will Danielle ever be free?


3. “How could I not know her name?”

It has been a couple days since Danielle talked to me. I was surprised she hasn’t even bothered to shoot me a text or wave to me. When I look at her she will just turn her head away and continue talking to her dumb boyfriend. I was highly upset at the fact that she wouldn’t believe me instead of believing in Mr. I-hit-women. It was frustrating and boring without her in my life even if it had only been three days.


I stared out the window from the back of the room while the teacher just nonstop talked. I could feel pieces of paper hitting the back of my head but I ignored it. If it wasn’t Jasper no one would dare throw something at me, cause I’d climb over their desk and kick them. Never underestimate the kick of a soccer player.


“Hello, my name is Iris.” Said a voice. I assumed she was new and I turned my head to actually see who this girl was.


I felt a tap on my arm. “She is hot!” Jasper whispered from behind me. I leaned back to hear him better.


I shrugged before whispering back to him. “Eh, she is alright.”


Honestly I was lying, she was more than alright. She had silky bleach blond hair and from what I could tell a tattoo on her right collarbone and a nose ring. The girl was no doubt breath taking, but that was from the distance. She probably wasn’t all that good looking. But if she was as great as the boys were whistling about in the front row, Danielle had some competition going for her.


“She is alright?” Jasper asked. “Her legs look like they were sculpted by the finest god. Her hair looks like it was made from the grandest of silk. Her boobs-”


I cut him off. “Okay idiot I get it, she looks good. Can we not go into detail about the finest of her breasts please.”


I heard him chuckle but then stop when Iris got the seat next to mine. “Mr. Michaels, I am sure you can help this young lady around, since she has most of your classes.” Our homeroom teacher told me.


“Sure. No problem.” I mumbled. This should get interesting.


* * *


“So this is lunch.” I said.


She looked at me and giggled. “I never would've guessed. I assumed it was the library.”


“There are so many books in here, i am telling you we have everything.” I added to her sarcasm.


Iris wasn’t bad at all. She was shy at first but she began to warm up to me. She was a very pretty girl with a very nice personality. Every boy had a reason to gawk at her, including me. I watched as she quickly got into line, and while we were getting our food I realized she wasn’t to shy to stuff her face like some girls were. She had no reason to be shy, her figure was perfect.


Once we got a seat at the original table, Jasper planted his ass too fast down onto the seat. You could see he was undressing her with his eyes. “Hey there Sebastian, you aren’t going to introduce me to your new friend?” He asked. I could practically see the drool hanging from his chin and clearly Iris saw it too.


“You got a little-” She touched her chin to pretend wipe something off.


I couldn’t hold back my laugh for very long before it roared out of me. I put my hand up and Iris hive fived me. “We are going to get along perfectly fine.” I smiled.


We watched as Jasper repeatedly wiped his chin roughly with his long sleeve, but of course nothing was there. “What?” He asked confused. It took him a couple of seconds but eventually he got the joke. “You’re an asshole.”


“I like her man.” I shrug, popping a grape into my mouth and chewing it. “She is pretty kick ass.”


“Well you know...” She trailed off as she flips her hair dramatically and smiles. Her green eyes sparkled in the cafeteria lighting and no matter how lame that sounds, it was beautiful.


I heard a slam of a tray, Danny flopped down in front of me and beside jasper. “Hey losers.” she said plainly.


“This is Danny, danny this is Iris.” jasper smiled wildly. I knew what he was thinking too. He was thinking about how they now have to compete for everyone’s eye now. I was hoping Danielle would be better than that and not care if she was the “It Girl” at our school, but who knows.


“How could I not know her name?” Danielle said dryly. “She is all everyone is talking about.”


Jasper felt the coldness coming from her because he scooted away. “Woah man, are you related to Jack Frost?” Jasper asked. “Or is that jealousy I sense?”


I lifted my leg to kick Jasper under the table and then gave him the look, telling him to knock it off. He yelled ouch but I ignored him and continued popping grapes into my mouth. Iris reached over my tray and grabbed a grape and placed it in her mouth. I glared at her and then stole a pepperoni off of her pizza. She stuck her tongue out when she reached for my pizza and I slapped her hand away.


“Stop that! It is my pizza. Eat your own lunch.” I demanded.


“We have to talk!” Danielle shouted out of no where. She stood up quickly and waited for my body to respond.


Both Jasper, Iris, and a couple other people at the table and behind our table looked at danielle as if she were crazy. Well she was crazy but that wasn’t the point. I looked at her as if she needed mental help, cause let’s face it, she probably did. “She will steal my pizza if I leave.” I stated finally. I really didn’t want to talk right now.


“Please.” Her face was pleating.


I mulled it over. “Look over my tray.” I told Jasper, shoving it his way.


“You got it captain.” He winked at me.


I got up and followed Danielle outside into the hallway. I couldn’t help but stare at her body. Danielle’s figure was perfect. There was no way in hell Iris could even amount to Danielle, in my opinion. Of course I thought that way, I was in love with her. I shook my head gently, to erase all the thoughts so I could focus on what she had to say to me. Maybe she was finally going to say sorry for everything.


She tapped her foot on the ground. I knew saying sorry was not something she loved to do, but I couldn’t help but smile. “What do you need?” I asked bluntly. As if I already didn’t know what she was going to say.


“Listen Sebastian,” She paused to sigh. It was cute when she was frustrated. “You know that I didn’t mean to call you a liar right. I didn’t mean to get upset at what you were telling me.” She was dodging the sorry.


“And-” I wiggled my eyebrows at her. She pushed bumped shoulders with me.


“And I am sorry.” She mumbled.


I smiled brightly at her. “Thank you. I have been waiting for that.” I laughed.


“That girl he was talking with,” She said. “Was his cousin. He told me everything. I guess she came to see him practice and stuff. Thank you though, for having my back.”


I nodded my head. “You are welcome.” At least she knows I wouldn’t lie to her. I was scared she was going to ignore me forever. three days is too long for a guy like me to handle.


I grabbed her by the arm before she walked away. I heard her make a whine and I assume it was because she was in pain. I could already feel the worry throughout my body. She shrugged me off but I grabbed her by the shirt this time so she couldn’t escape from me.


“Let go.” She mumbled.


“Let me see it.” I demanded.


She shook her head but I pulled on her shirt to bring her closer to me. She let me into this secret, there will be no more hiding things from me. I refuse to be kept from when he does it to her. That’s the least she can do since I am only allowed to be a bystander.


“Let go.” She repeated to me.


This time I shook my head. “You let me in on this little secret. You cannot run and hide anymore, at least to me Danielle.”


She hesitated and then looked around just in case anyone was watching. Once it was clear she lifted her sleeve and there were giant bruises everywhere. My eyes got big and she quickly pulled down her shirt. I was in shock at how bad it looked. It was of course black and blue and a little green, which means it was already healing.


“Danielle!” A strict voice came out of no where.


Danny looked startled but looked over to where this voice had came from. “Yes Dylan.” I couldn’t help but here the shaking in her voice.


“What are you doing?” He asked cautiously.


“Nothing I was just talking to my friend.”


He went in to grab her wrist and pulled her to my roughly. “Did you forget that you had to come with me today?”


She shook her head and then glanced at me. I could see the pleading in her eyes, but whether she wanted me to save her or go away I didn’t know so I just stood there helplessly as I watched her get treated like a rag doll. Then Dylan looked at me, annoyed.


“Go on, get.” He demanded, like I was his dog.


I looked at Danny one more time for confirmation. I wanted her to tell me when to step in, but she didn’t look at me. She didn’t even glance, so I turned and walked back into the lunch room. If she wanted me to do something, then I’ll do it, but for now I have to stand by hoping it would be soon.


“What was that?” Iris asked.


I shook my head. “Nothing. Give me my tray back Jasper.” I demanded. He looked guilty and I knew he had eaten my pizza. “I hate you.” I glared at him.

“I love you too!” He yelled.

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