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Hiya! I'll be doing some movella reviews because I know lots of people want reviews but everyone has so many reviews to do still! I need new movellas to read anyway :D Anyway, Details in the first chapter. mwah


5. Summer Rose- Zoe Shadownight

Cover- I love, love love your cover! It's not too busy, and somehow a pair of high heels and a rose make the cover perfect! Its just perfect.


Blurb- One word: Perfect



Intro: It tells me everything I need to know about Summer. It's quite satisfactory.  :-)

Plot: Well, the plot hasn't quite unfolded, but from what the blurb says and what I've read so far, it's gonna be good!



I found basically no mistakes, except in the chapter pressure, where it describes Lydia. You say fake and tan a bit too many times for my liking, although I'm not entirely sure how to replace the word 'tan'. heh

consider a revision: Her fake tan finishes by her hairline, where her scalp is a pale tone against her orange skin and raven black hair. If her "tan" wasn't so obviously false..........her glued-on eyelashes not half an inch too long, she might be prettier.

2.5/3 because it was only the one paragraph.


A very simple and fitting font


No bonus mark, but almost. :-)


Total- 8.5/10

Just a side note, I noticed people saying how Summer has an unusual attitude and such for a main character, but honestly, I think more should be like that.



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