Minecraft: Part III

The final battle between Steve and Herobrine! Craig has come from the server to help Steve! (Or is it for another reason?) The last book in the triliogy! I feel so bittersweet!


3. Chapter 2

Steve attacked Herobrine, the sword blocking the blow. He could feel death in the blade, as if every victim was crying out, trying to help Herobrine kill Steve. He gulped and kicked Herobrine in the chest. He was not going to end up a sword for eternity. Steve blocked and slashed and parried, and Craig fought off the rest of Herobrine's crew with Porky.

Steve hit Herobrine with his swords hilt and pushed Craig into the water. He picked up Porky and jumped after Craig. They swam to shore and into Steve's castle.

"What do we do?" asked Steve.

"No idea," said Craig. "You're the one that pushed me off the ship."

"You weren't going to last much longer," scoffed Steve. The castle rumbled as Herobrine's ship fired cannons at them.

Steve ran toward the basement.

"Where are you going?" cried Craig.

"A place I promised myself never to return to!"

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