Minecraft: Part III

The final battle between Steve and Herobrine! Craig has come from the server to help Steve! (Or is it for another reason?) The last book in the triliogy! I feel so bittersweet!


2. Chapter 1

Steve, Craig, and Porky ran over to the village. All the houses were on fire, and a black ship was sailing away in the huge lake. Craig handed Steve an Ender Pearl.

"Hold your dog in your arms, and throw the Pearl at the ship!" said Craig.

Steve obliged and nothing happened.

Suddenly, pain shot through his body and Porky cried out. He was suddenly on the deck of a black ship, a burning village visible in the distance.

"But...we...were just..." stammered Steve.

"Hey, get ready to fight," said Craig.

Herobrine, in coal-black armor, stepped down from the poop deck. (Stop laughing.)

"I was hoping you'd show up." His voice sounded layered. Like, his voice was like an English butler, but it sounded like Stephen Hawking was saying the same things .2 milliseconds apart.

"You were gone for so long, I was starting to almost miss you," Herobrine said. He made a mock sad face.

Steve drew his sword. "Do you want to fight or not?"

Herobrine took out his sword. It had a black hilt and a glowing blood-red blade. "I was hoping you would ask that."


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