Falling For My Brother's Best Friend ( Austin Mahone FanFic)

Hey, I'm Ashlyn. I'm Alex Constancio's sister. I'm friends with all his friends, Austin Mahone, Zach Dorsey, and Robert. Robert and I are the closest I would say. I always liked him, but I don't flirt with him, that would just be weird. Alex is over protective and Austin is like another brother. He protects me from any guy. I'm in a horrible relationship with Justin Bieber. He doesn't beat me, he is just hard to talk to. He doesn't like me hanging out with Robert, Zach, or Austin. He always puts his arm around my waist and pulls me closer to him, if we are around them.


2. Falling For My Brother's Best Friend

Hey, I'm Ashlyn Constancio. Yes, I'm Alex Constancio's sister. I'm younger. Like nine months younger. Ok, lets get to the story. I was walking to my class, when I felt someone grab my wrist. I looked back and saw my boyfriend, Justin Bieber. Yeah, this is a private school. I looked at Justin and said," what do you want?" Justin said," I'm gonna walk you home today." I looked at him confused. I said," Justin, Robert, always walks me home. And Alex don't like me dating you." Justin glared at me and raised his voice," does it look like I care? I'm walking you home, if Robert wants to come, then he can. You are my girl and I am walking you home." I flinched. I said,"ok ok, you can walk me home. Damn, chill out." I jerked away from his grip. I walked to class, and was late. ~END OF SCHOOL DAY~

Robert walked out of school and looked at me. He ran over to me and spun me around. When he touched me, I felt sparks. I don't know why. Should I shake it off? He looked in my eyes and touched his lips to mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He slowly put me down, and pulled our bodies close together, where there was nothing in between us. I pulled away and looked at him. I stepped back. What did I just do?

I heard Justin say," so, this is why you didn't want me to come with y'all! You fucking slut! Why did I even date you!"

I looked back and said," Justin, he kissed me first! I didn't mean to! I just couldn't help it!"

Justin yelled," so you decided to suck faces, with Mr.WannaBe!"

I yelled," Justin, you were the one who cheated on me four times with Selena! I can't stand it! It's over! I gave you chances, but I guess you can't forgive me! Bye!" I turned to Robert and whispered," I'm sorry, I'm going home alone. I need to think."

Robert whispered," it's ok, and I'm really sorry."

I walked off and to my house. I started crying. I can't believe me and Justin are done. It's all Robert's fault, but it's my fault to, for kissing back. I liked it though. I never felt that way in a long time. I started sobbing I walked in, and Alex looked at me.

Alex ran to me and said," what's wrong? Who hurt you? Was it Justin, oh he's dead!"

I said," Alex, it was my fault. Mine and Robert's." I said sobbing more.

Alex looked at me weird said slowly," ummm, what happened?"

I whispered," Robert kissed me, and I kissed back."

Alex yelled," you kissed my best friend! How could you!"

I looked down and said," I didn't feel that way in a long time. He made me feel like someone does love me."

Alex looked at me confused and said," what about Justin."

I started crying and said," he cheated on me four times, within Selena. I knew about it, I have him chances. He didn't give me a chance. So, I broke up with him."

Alex yelled," you have that birch another chance! Oh my gosh that's stupid! Why?!"

I whispered," I need someone to love me. I need someone to want me. I want someone to keep me company."

Alex said," I don't know what to do, but I will beat up that Bieber!" He walked out of the house, leaving me.

I slid to the floor and hugged my knees. I started crying. I heard a knock on the door. I got up and dried my eyes. I walked to the door and opened it. It was Robert. He had a busted lip and a black eye. I hugged him, and started crying.

Robert whispered," I'm sorry. I will stay out of your life."

I looked up and whispered," no. I need you. Don't leave me."

Robert looked down at me and said," I'm the one who wrecked your relationship with Justin. You should ha-" I cut him off my pressing my lips with his. It moved in sync.

He pulled back and asked," what about Justin?"

I said," I broke up with him." Robert looked at me and smiled.

Robert said," ok, then we can date."

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