Falling For My Brother's Best Friend ( Austin Mahone FanFic)

Hey, I'm Ashlyn. I'm Alex Constancio's sister. I'm friends with all his friends, Austin Mahone, Zach Dorsey, and Robert. Robert and I are the closest I would say. I always liked him, but I don't flirt with him, that would just be weird. Alex is over protective and Austin is like another brother. He protects me from any guy. I'm in a horrible relationship with Justin Bieber. He doesn't beat me, he is just hard to talk to. He doesn't like me hanging out with Robert, Zach, or Austin. He always puts his arm around my waist and pulls me closer to him, if we are around them.


1. Falling For My Brother's Best Friend

Hey, I'm Ashlyn Constancio. Yes, I'm Alex Constancio's sister. I'm younger. Like nine months younger. Ok, lets get to the story. I was walking to my class, when I felt someone grab my wrist. I looked back and saw my boyfriend, Justin Bieber. Yeah, this is a private school. I looked at Justin and said," what do you want?" Justin said," I'm gonna walk you home today." I looked at him confused. I said," Justin, Robert, always walks me home. And Alex don't like me dating you." Justin glared at me and raised his voice," does it look like I care? I'm walking you home, if Robert wants to come, then he can. You are my girl and I am walking you home." I flinched. I said,"ok ok, you can walk me home. Damn, chill out." I jerked away from his grip. I walked to class, and was late. ~END OF SCHOOL DAY~ Alex walked
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