"I can't live like this anymore you have to tell me"

"Don't you think that I would if I could"

"No Harry I'm leaving,Let me go"

"I have my reasons"

"Everybody has their reasons,What makes you think that you are different?"


1. Prolouge





"G-g-get away from me"I begged as I tried to go away from him.


"No"He said softly and sharply.


"P-please"I kept on begging as I tried to step back but my back was almost glued against the unfamiliar brick wall.He doesn't say anything more,he just smirked amused by my actions.He came closer slowly until I could feel his cigarette smoke filled breathe on my forehead.Trapping me between his body and the wall.I was trembling from fear.


"You are mine from now on,understood?"He said smirking.His eyes  were in a really dark shade of green.That why I quickly looked away.


"Understood?"He asked again angrily.I just nodded without looking at his face.He pushed my head up with his index finger causing me to face him.I just stared in his eyes blackly,trying to avoid him from seeing how scared I was.I curled my hand in a fist and rugged my nails on my hand so I wasn't thinking about him.He smirked.


"We're gonna have a lot of fun"

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