"I can't live like this anymore you have to tell me"

"Don't you think that I would if I could"

"No Harry I'm leaving,Let me go"

"I have my reasons"

"Everybody has their reasons,What makes you think that you are different?"


3. Harry Styles

Song of choice for this chapter=Leave My Body by Florence + the machine


“you…”I said.I couldn’t finish my sentence thanks to Mr.Stone.The guy rushed to the empty seat next to me.I looked at him for a short while then looked at everything but him.I was trying too hard to not look at him.I was taking small glances at him anyways.His hair was all curly and brown but it was cut shorter then it was.It was obvious cause he had that fresh trim smell on him.I was sensitive with the smells.He had a long scar that started from his right cheek and ended just below his sharp jaw line.His feautures were all messed up.He had soothing eyes but they were filled with anger or some kind of tradegy.Something inside me knew there were more of him.More than what everyone sees.


After the class everyone rushed out of the classroom door as fast as they could.Leaving me and the guy.


“Thank you”I said softly.


“For what?”He said showing no emotions.


“Yesterday”I said looking in to his eyes directly.


“No worries,just don’t get in trouble too much”He said with the same voice.He got up and I followed him.As I was about to meet up with Wendy and Aiden I saw Aiden yelling the guys name.


“H-“But he was cut off by the guy.


“Harry”He said smiling for the first time at me.DIMPLE GAME STRONG.


“Harry Styles”He said again,winked and walked away letting go of Aiden.He rushed next to me with a puzzled look.Ignoring the 2 minutes ago.


“Did you see Wendy?”He asked directly.


“No I thought she was with you”I said,more like a question.


“She disappeared after her art history class”He asked worried.


“Don’t worry she is probably getting hammered in a bar”I said with a soothing voice.But It felt like I was the one who needed the soothing.


“Probably”He said still worried.


“Now lets go to our classes cause if we wait here for Wendy –who is probably okay- Mr  Cannigan will kill you and Mrs Parker will probably sacrifice me to Lucifer”I said trying to lighten the mood.He laughed a little and rushed to his class.I took it slow.I walked to class as if there was endless time.I was actually really worried for Wendy.She was pretty reckless and it always got me worried.But I was right before.She was probably in a bar getting wasted.Mrs.Parkers lesson got more attention so the classroom was a little better.At least her classroom had an air conditioner that actually worked.I took my seat  and tried to listen the class but Hunter James’ crime scene was all I could think of.The body was in there for at least 3 hours but it still smelt like men cologne.There was blood everywhere but the setting was comforting.It was like he actually cared about the poor women.It made no sense.I came to reality as Mrs.Parker knocked on my desk.Rest of the class was more like “blab la llaalalal blab la author blalala book vlallalaal sentence…” to me.After class I ran next to Aiden.




“Yupp she is back,puking in the restroom”He said relaxed.I let out a deep breath.I didn’t even notice I was holding my breath.


‘Thank you’I mouthed to Aiden and went next her.


“Where were you,you bloody idiot?”I said as a kneeled next to her.Her gagging noises didn’t even annoyed me.I held her hair back as she puked.


“Sorry”She managed to say in between gags.I just sighed and waited her to be done.She got up quickly but I could see her legs whimpering.She walked to the sink as I let go of her red hair.I took a look at myself in the mirror as she washed her face.I had sharp jawlines and big dark grey eyes.They never looked like green or blue like the other grey eyed people.Mine looked like smoke all the time.Wendy swears she thought my eyes were purple one time.I had a small nose and weird lips.They were always white as if I used a nude lipstick and my bottom lip was larger then my upper lip.My upper lip was large too but somehow my bottom lip always looked larger.I had small hands which were always cold and big foot due to my hight.I was 5’9”.I had short hair that reached my shoulders.I would always play with the sides my of hair though.They would look trimmed to right for 5 minutes then 5 minutes they would be suddenly on the left.Plus I was unhealthily white.Wendy was tanner.Thank god.


As we walked out of the restroom Wendy was all silent.As she was emberassed? One thing about Wendy.She would never get emberassed.


“Gurl are you okay?”I said with urge to lighten the mood.


“Not really”She said quietly.I took her hand dragged her to the bank on the right side of the hall.She sat gladly.I did too.


“What happened?”I asked quite and gentle.


“My d-d-dad”She said shuttering then breaking to tears.


“My god”I said and hugged her directly.


“What did that asshole do again?”I said without doubt.


“He came back to NYC”She said like she had a sore throat.

“Kidding?Call the police directly.He made you suffer enough”


“No”She said sharply.


“Wait?WHAT?!”I said with a shock.Her dad killed her mother then ran away but still threatened her over phone.Him coming back to New York meant Bye bye Wendy.


“He is my dad after all”She said hesitating…


“Are you sure about this?I mean if he finds you we can not help you in any way”I said trying to be supportive as I can but in this thing I really didn’t know what to say.


“He contacted me few days ago…”She said as my mouth dropped to be open wide.She shushed me before I could say anything else.


“He is really sorry for running away but he swears it wasn’t him who killed mum…and I just don’t know how to react to all of this”She said.Her voice was cracking and at last she couldn’t hold it and broke in to tears.I said nothing and just hugged her there.


I saw her cry only a few times.Wendy was a strong girl.She grew up in an orphanage until my family adopted her.But After high school we decided to live in separate flats.Thank god it wasn’t too hard to find cheap rental flats in Washington dc.She chose to live ,n a nice neighborhood filled with other students from the university.I made a weird choice and chose the neighborhood that was filled with criminal activities.(Wendy 1 – 0 Cassidy).My neighborhood wasn’t that bad anyways.I had some good neighbors.Who were hookers….Okay not a GREAT choice.But it was good enough for that time.


I let her go and held her shoulders making direct eye contact.


“Wanna go home?”


“No,Not yet I have to talk with Aiden.Thanks Cassidy”She kissed my cheek and walked away.I just sighded and let my head fall.As I watched the ceiling I was thinking of a way to save Wendy from all of this.


At the end of the day I tried to catch Wendy and Aiden but they probably left a lesson ago.Wendy was a dance student and Aiden was an arts student.So they saw each other a lot more then I saw them.Our school had 4 buildings.Language,Arts,Math and Sciences.Our building (Language) was in between Maths and Sceinces.Wendy and Aiden met in their art history class.But I was still kind of jealous of them since I didn’t have any friends from the language bulding.I mean I met Harry now but I think that he is a type of guy who has “friends”.


I walked staright back to home.I mean that was my plan but I was 21 and a beer sounded great.So I headed to the local bar called “Lucky Steven’s”It was written in the entrance with green neons.But the S’ were not working so It was just “Lucky teven” now.I was good friends with the new owner so he greated me nicely as I walked in to the bar.


“Oooo Cassidy long time no see”He said smiling and went for a hug.


“It’s been only a week Steven”I said laughing and accepted his hug.


“Wait,Don’t tell me that you are going to an alcohol rehab too”He said pulling away.


“Do I look like an alcoholic to you?”


“I don’t know these days they go to rehab for everything.Yesterday my daughter told me she was on a digital detox”He said rolling his eyes.


“What’s that?”I said laughing at his reaction.


“She’s not gonna take a selfie for 3 weeks”


I laughed at the bullshit.When did selfie become this much of a deal?


“How old was she again?”


“11”He said proudly.


“Be happy that you don’t have to deal with her boyfriends for now”


“You are right-kind off- Let’s drink a beer to celebrate that”


“Are you paying?”


“Pffft No,This might be my bar but I am not shitting money princess”


“Fine”I said laughing and settled for paying for the watered down beer.The conversation went on and on but the “Hunter James” murder clinged on my mind.


“Do you know anything about Hunter James running away from the prison?”I asked not being able to stop myself.


“Did you mention Hunter James?”A bald man asked from my left.I turned to see who it was.I didn’t know this guy.He had tattoo sleeves and his moustache was so long that all you could think was if they hurt while eating.


“Yes,Do you know anything sir?”I asked getting my pen and paper –Tissue- ready.


“He murdered my wife,I had some money that I owed to him and I couldn’t give it back to him in time.I even begged to him but nothing really worked”He said.It was obvious that he was trying his best to not cry during talking about his wife.


“Do you know what he looked like?”I asked curiously not being able to help myself.


“I-I-I can’t tell you this.He will find me if He finds out that I talked about him to a stranger.I talked to much already”He said.He took his coat from the back of his bar chair and rushed away.I was just surprised by this.So I sat there and watched him go.




HEY GUYS!Sorry I’m back.As some of you might know I started the IB program so It’s pretty hard to keep up with these.But as an apology I wrote a longer chapter then usual.This chapter is like 1590 words so I’m just proud of myself about it.I hope you liked it.PLEASE like and fave if you liked it.It just motivates me to keep on writing.Comment if you ship #Carry.Love you all and thanks for reading.





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