The Girl in Wall (Prison)

Anastassia Rose is the daughter of Xavier Rose A powerful man and friend of the king. However when her father messes up the king orders for him to repay his mistake. With no other hope her father sends her to the king. Now to repay her dept she must spend 5 years in a prison meant for men. Females are usually sent to be servants when they do wrong, but Anastassia's father preferred her in prison.


2. My First Night

"So, Miss Rose. This is your cell room we removed the second bed and left you rods to hang your curtain for privacy. Here in Prison we have a sort of gang thing. And each prisoner has one, most people would start in the low one and then the gangs would pick who they want from there, but you already got accepted into one of the top ones for some reason. I'm assuming it's because you are the only girl, a lot of the gangs wanted you but most of them are scared of this one and backed down." He looks at me seriously like he is waiting for me to respond but I don't. "Well..." He continues. "This is in there region of your gang. You are in the part with the leader and his 4 friends. Most people never even see this part of the prison. But you just got in it!" He rambles on talking fast but quietly. "Anyway you can unpack your stuff now and meet everyone who isn't in here tomorrow.

He leaves without a goody bye, and the door wide open. I walk into my room where my four suitcases sit. I unpack the third one first and pull out my curtain and bed pad first. After putting the sheets on my bed and hanging the curtain I start to paint my cell. By the end of my decorating my room is pink and cream. The walls painted cream and outlined in pink, while my bed is pink and the door that leads to my bathroom is cream. My rug is pink and my toilet cover is pink. Now that my room is very matching and pretty I unpack my clothes.

"Ok you guys can go in now." I hear the same annoying man yell.  I continue write in my notebook as if hadn't heard him.. But even if ignore it, all the same 5 boys a little older than I  pull the curtain back to revile me on my bed.

"How come you get all this decoration!?" A blonde boy shouts. While a dark haired one mutters damn. "You owe me 5 bucks! Shes a blonde!" Says one.

I sit there quietly  watching all of there stupidity. After they calm down and start whispering I clear my throught and give them a questioning look.

"Oh sorry" Says a curly haired one who appears to be a leader. "I'm Harry."

"What your name?'' He says to like I'm stupid. "Anastassia, but I go by Ana"

"Well I'm Zayn." Says the dark haired boy. "Niall" the blonde one smiles.

"Louise" "Liam."

I smile at all of them. "Ok well I'm going to go to bed if you don't mind."

They all look at Harry questionably. "Ok, we will leave you alone." He says glaring at the boys.

He closes the curtains all the way back and the bars most of the way.

After they leave I quickly change into my pajamas and slippers then leave my room to find water.

All there cells are in a rectangle and mine is also apart of it. There is a community bathroom that I guess I'm not allowed in except for showers.

"What are you doing?" A deep voice says behind me. It was Harry

"Uhm, water. Wheres the water." I stutter.

He chuckles. "Over here." He walks over to a door and pushes a button. A couple seconds later the door opens and a volunteer prisoner stands there.

"Yes?" The guy says a little annoyed but scarred.

"She needs water." Harry Insists.

"Ok come with me." The guy says smirking and then gently grabs my hand as if I might break. He pulls me the back into the cell area and to another door. This one doesn't need a key to open, but you need a pass to get the water out.

"Here" He says handing me the cup.

"Thanks" I smile at him and I'm about to walk out but the prisoner grabs my shoulder and pulls me back towards him. "What if me and you have a little fun?" He picks me up and pins me to the back wall. I raise my knee and kick him in an area all men hate to be kicked in. He groans in pain but right as I reach the door handle he grabs my foot and I trip over. Using my free foot I kick him in the face and he loosens his grip for a few seconds. Thats all the opportunity I need to pulls myself free and leave safely with my partly spilled water.

The boys all stare at me from different part of the room in disbelief. I don't see Harry untill he pulls me out the way from the door with an angry expression and then goes inside. I start to limp a little back to room Until Liam helps me and ices my foot. All the other guys come sit on the floor of my cell while I brush my hair and teeth. "Can I see youre bruise?" Liam asks. "Where else did he hurt you?"

"I'm fine" I reassure Liam. "i just need some sleep." I really didn't want him to see my other bruises. He would probably try to ice all of them or something. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah" I say as I drink my water and go onto my bed. "I'm fine."


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