The Girl in Wall (Prison)

Anastassia Rose is the daughter of Xavier Rose A powerful man and friend of the king. However when her father messes up the king orders for him to repay his mistake. With no other hope her father sends her to the king. Now to repay her dept she must spend 5 years in a prison meant for men. Females are usually sent to be servants when they do wrong, but Anastassia's father preferred her in prison.


3. My Breakfast

"Wake Up!" A Voice says over the speakers on my Alarm clock. "Wake up Ana! Wake up! Wake up! ANA! ANASTASSIA WAKE UP NOW." I roll over and turn off my mothers recorded voice. Ugh.

"Yeah Ana wake up and turn off your alarm!" Shouts one of the boys who I think is Zayn.

I get up and go through my clothes. I pick out a pair of shorts and cute blue top. I sneak out of my room and into the bathroom and take a shower before anyone wakes up. Luckily the showers have curtains. Sneak back in my towel and then change in my room. Next I put on my make up and straighten my hair. I wanna make a good first impression.

By the time I'm done getting ready the boys are all changing in the bathroom while I finish painting another coat on my nails.

Harry grabs my hand the whole way to breakfast, and on the way I keep noticing all the prisoners staring at me. One of the guards help me get my breakfast which looks a lot better than what everyone else is eating.

I sit next to harry and Zayn.

"I'm taking one of your bacon." Niall insists. "Ok I don't like bacon anyway.'

"What?" All of them say at once and before I know it my bacon is long gone. "Do you like eggs?"

Louise  asks. "Yes." I say protectively and pull my plate closer. Harry laughs and pats me on the back.

'I also like pancakes so back off." Niall looks disappointed and everyone else just rolls there eyes and continues eating.

After breakfast I go back to my room and change into running clothes and go out for a morning jog.

I get a lot of stares and some people try to hit on me, but I just keep running and ignoring them.

"Nice ass you got there white girl.'' I hear lots of whistling and when I turn around some of the guys are following me. "Fuck" I mumble under my breath.

I start to pick up my pace, but soon after i relies I'm running out of breathe. As soon as I'm about to give in to all of them I feel myself being listed off my feet by none other than Harry.

After he picks me up most of the guys walk away and a few brave ones glare. That is until Harry gives them a harsh look and then they cowardly walk away.

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