Education and Internet

This is a scholarship entry essay ^.^


1. The Future UN Ambassador

       Education has spread far beyond the confines of the classroom. With the creation of the Internet has made it possible to put a global library at your fingertips. Within that library ranges a vast selection of information. So vast, in fact, that is literately impossible to ever explore all of it. Even more amazing is that library keeps growing every day. This infinite database has expanded my academic reach, and inevitably defined my life.

       Researcher is no longer just an occupation. It has become something that everyone can do, and what most need to do in order to succeed. I became a researcher my ninth grade year in high school. I had joined the Model United Nations club. Before each conference, I would receive a topic of debate that was a global issue but not necessarily in the news everyday. This is what opened me up, really, to the library of the Internet. Instead of being dictated on which sites to use, like in a class, this research was optional and free range. The fact that it was my choice really gave the whole idea a greater appeal. Once I began researching, I started to change. I did not expect to really enjoy this part of the club, but it quickly became one of my favorites. Whether I was learning about the Arab Spring, before the news noticed it, or about the prosecution in the Central African Republic all of it was new to me. It brought the world to me. Finally I felt like I knew was going on whereas before my vision had been tunneled, limited only to the interactions within my school. This new scope made me feel a whole range of things about issues that I did not even know existed. But now I knew about those issues, and I knew that someone had to help with them.

       I knew that I had to change the world. The passion and ambition that was incited within me from this knowledge was not something that everyone had. Not many others had the determination that I did, so that is why I knew that I had to create change. It was the scope of the Internet that helped me realize this dream, and even further, it helped me really define my goal. The place where I can create the most impact is the United Nations. Through hours of research I have found a path for myself to take. The next step for me is college.

       During the admissions process, I originally found myself overwhelmed. Many colleges and universities were sending me piles of letters, all wanting me to apply. I used the Internet to sort through which institutions were a good fit for me, and which were not. After I had a rough list, I used email to contact each school to get an even closer look at what they had to offer. Where I attend is important because I believe it will determine the path I take in life. In light of that, the Internet has given me the means to be as thorough as possible in order to make the best decision. Even beyond decision it has been able to facilitate all the logistics. Now I can apply to any school or scholarship I want with only the press of a button. It is quicker and far easier, especially with websites like Common Application, to get through this entire process.

       It is true that not everything is perfect, including the Internet. Although doing research is great, it is also very time consuming. The rate of your research often is dependent on how fast your connection is. Sometimes when you have a slow connection it can take hours to make any progress at all. Even after you finally get that page to load, another problem occurs: not everything on the Internet is true. It is the job of the user to sift through information and determine the validity of facts that you want to use. This was a major problem when Wikipedia first came out. People jumped on it because it had essays on everything from Ho Chi Minh to How I Met Your Mother, but anyone could edit these essays. Because of this, Wikipedia quickly became known for being non reputable. In school, I was docked points if I used it as a source of information. Currently, even though Wikipedia is no longer like that, it is still imperative that users on the Internet double and triple check the facts they find.

       Even if it is slow, the Internet is still the largest library in the world. This global scope helped me realize my dream from the comfort of my couch. It is helping me find my way among a flurry of mail. This infinite knowledge will continue to guide me as far as my feet take me.

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