i'll never let go

Angela,Ava ,her old bully and the guys and one more special person are going to pass this summer ,fall,winter and tour in a flash back.she's going to
Tell and remember everything she did or went by We'll not always but why. will Angela ever forgive the special person will she or will she not . Will she make friends? read to find out.

This is the sequel for don't let me go you will understand some of this if you read that one first
So bye


1. Prologue


i'll never let you go

Hi I'm Angela well you know me I'm the girlfriend of Niall shhh but no one knows shhh okay please


Hi I'm AvaAngela's friend we'll was her friend she was just so annoying . I can't stand her she's just uh . She started rumors about me she's just so stupid .


And last but not least her old bully

Old bully(I'm not Telling you the name you have to read on)

We'll I was her old bully but I have reasons,we'll stupid ones but  reasons . I hope I could start Time all  over so I could have stopped all of what  happen but I can'tBut I will win her and her heart I wish she could come back so I could tell her I hope

*All the peoples in the story*

If you want to know about me the old bully

Me Ava

Me the mystery girl

And us (all of one direction)

And me Angela please read about my life but it's not only mine but the authors life .

Don't judge this book because just to tell you in a few words means you judging my life me and author thank you for the reads  of the last book and the ones to come And if your going throughout any of  this message  her she will listen I promiseShe won't judge or  tell you things that will hurt you .just message her or comment and she will I promise . Okay .okay .we'll see you in the next chapter of my (aka her ) life (the authors) .

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