i'll never let go

Angela,Ava ,her old bully and the guys and one more special person are going to pass this summer ,fall,winter and tour in a flash back.she's going to
Tell and remember everything she did or went by We'll not always but why. will Angela ever forgive the special person will she or will she not . Will she make friends? read to find out.

This is the sequel for don't let me go you will understand some of this if you read that one first
So bye


4. Note😁😀😊

H it's me I'm so sorry I didn't up date.

like I was along I'm sorry I forgot about up dating here but guess what I have a lots of chapters so I will up date every Friday or everyday I don't know but for the people that read me first. Nootka and are reading this nor thank  you  I love each one of you.

and I just update I will up date later okay I promise I won't forget.

okay bye love you all 


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