i'll never let go

Angela,Ava ,her old bully and the guys and one more special person are going to pass this summer ,fall,winter and tour in a flash back.she's going to
Tell and remember everything she did or went by We'll not always but why. will Angela ever forgive the special person will she or will she not . Will she make friends? read to find out.

This is the sequel for don't let me go you will understand some of this if you read that one first
So bye


7. ch:5

"Okaymary ,but the surprise big or small ?"

"For me it's not to big .go on and find out."





"here is the key luis it's 29 just right beside me"

'Okay thank you'

"Come on ."

I took him to his room and then we were going to go to mine but i didn't know that he was there.Niall

"Niall your here but your on your?"

"No silly I got a break and came to see you"

I couldn't believe it he's here the person I love the person I need.

"Oh almost forgot Niall this is Luis .Luis this is Niall "

Niall's pov:

So this is the guy she was she was with

"hi am Louis nice to meet you please"

"Hi luis I'm Niall nnice to meet you too"

I don't want to be rude but are you Niall horan "

"yes, yes IM but please don't tell no one I hate that "

" no I won't it's okay well Angela I'm going to go to my room if anything comes up "

Yeah I will she said hugging him

"So this is the guy you stayed with"I said hugging her from behind yes but don't get jealous i'm not with him I'm with you

Luis pov:

No he's a good-looking guy but why would he come and visit my Shorty will Shorty at least. I'm just ruined he's too much from for me he's is going to text her from me or already has. wait I think that that's the guy she was talking to on the phoneDAMN IT! but why does this happen to me SHIT! I'm just going to leave tomorrow and it anyways I have school in a few so I can't stay and win her heart i'm just losing her


A/so they have it I still can't believe it

Hey guys it's me I'm sorry that I have forgot you but I'm going to update I'm sorry for the people that actually have read those three chapters but I m going to tell you something I'm sorry for all the crap I'm about to but as my story's chapters sorry so here are two and so many more are about to come

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