the fault in my stars

Megan struggles through her life when she is diagnosed with cancer, she has two children and a husband who's the prince, future king of england! They don't know what the future holds but will Megan survive!
The follow on from Louis & I



Off me and Ellie went shopping!

So then where are we gonna start_ellie

Oh I have a few ideas, first jack wills then Hollister then house of Fraser. Oh and I may call in Costco for a Ralph Lauren Tee for me. Then whatever you wanna do._me

Okay then let's get going_ellie

Jack wills.

A water bottle

Shopping bag

2 jumpers

4 shorts





Flip flops


Running shorts

Jogging trousers

House of Fraser

Tedbaker bag

Ted baker purse



2 Ralph Lauren tees

Everywhere I stepped someone were the there asking me questions even the news got to me as I was eating my lunch.

Megan please please tell us what you were feeling like when harry... News reporter

I quickly interuppted and said nervous but they wouldn't take it as an answer so me and ellie ran back to the car with our bags and drove back home. We had a paparazzi helicopter following us all the way home!

What a day_ellie

This is the reason why I do online shopping haha_Megan

I can see why. Hey why don't you start showing me and Louis how to be a couple?_Ellie

Yeah okay_Megan


Yeah so ERM Louis likes things wow! So his ideal date would be a restraint. He took me for a meal once and he couldn't stop smiling haha_Megan

Okay then well about having kids_ellie

Ellie really look you've got to kids given to ya and ya wanting more Louis may agree with the idea but just have a rest._Megan


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