the fault in my stars

Megan struggles through her life when she is diagnosed with cancer, she has two children and a husband who's the prince, future king of england! They don't know what the future holds but will Megan survive!
The follow on from Louis & I


3. meeting

The meeting took place at 6pm! At the front stood me and harry with our two kids I'm our arms. Everyone came family, friends even the palace staff!

Welcome everyone to the meeting, today I want to tell you about my cancer me and harry today attended an appointment ayt the doctors to talk about my cancer. I have been told that its beating me and I'm going to die before Christmas. Christmas will be mine and Harry's 1 year anniversary so I want to make the most of the 8 weeks I will have left to live. Go to the park, travel, spend time with family friends who are here, go to my sons grave, put the Christmas tree up etc. -me

So please guys don't miss this time to get the last moments-harry

I went upstairs and sat on my bed. Harry told me that they weren't as dry eye in the room. He left me in peace as he went to a meeting in Kensington about having time off from the army to help me. My Mumm came in and had a word with me!

Hey I'm taking the twins to the hotel with me and your father so you and harry can have some time alone-mum

I told him that I need some time to think-me

What about, your famous megan!-mum


You've got the publics support so take it, your not alone so why don't you travel to Manchester and see Ellie you were bffs and now you've ditched her. -mum


No buts Megan tommorow morning your going to Manchester to go and see her with your kids she hasn't got the faintest idea what your up to. So take the kids and have a sleepover she is your best friend as well as me!!-mum


You better start packing daughter-mum

Just as my mum walked out of the door harry came in ! 

Hey- me

Hey- harry


So yeah erm do you want to go out for a meal, tonight maybe.- harry

No why don't we watch a film tonight-me

Yeah okay-harry

Frozen night?_me

Why not get the most of Olaf_harry

I laughed and took his hand, we swirled down the corridoor. Camilla couldn't stop crying as we wizzed past her room. 

Hang on_harry

I screamed happily and swirlled even more!

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