the fault in my stars

Megan struggles through her life when she is diagnosed with cancer, she has two children and a husband who's the prince, future king of england! They don't know what the future holds but will Megan survive!
The follow on from Louis & I


9. home

when we arrived back at the house we found Ellie layed in the sofa in tears.

Why ellie_ I questioned

It was prince harry not many people get to sleep with a prince._ellie answered

I don't care I came back here for you not to find you and my husband having sex._Megan

I know but_ellie

Ellie I don't give a s**t I'm gonna die soon and leave you two with my kids, harry is not allowed near them is that clear_Megan




Right that's enough trouble Louis were going back upstairs to sleep, Ellie goodnight we will see each other in the morning_Megan


When I got upstairs me and Louis put the kids in the cot, Luke's old cot. 

Megan why are you gonna go_Louis 

Louis I've got cancer and I need to be in peace OK I can't manage stuff like that_Megan

Okay but you just did it_Louis

Louis it was my kids and I'll put myself in any danger to protect them is that clear_Megan


Good now get in bed were going to get some rest_Megan

Good idea I love you ya know_Louis

I know_Megan

Morning rose over manchester ! 

Nothing better than feeding the kids in the morning, 




Sleep as my mum use to say.

Morning ellie_Megan


How are you today_Megan

Fine are you gonna see harry today in prison_ellie

Yep wanna come_Megan

Not really but we need to have a word with him about the kids that I'll be the mlkther and that Louis will be the dad_ellie


Right well I'm gonna get dressed I've had my breakfast already I'll be down in a min and us two can go and see him_ellie


Later that morning me and Ellie drove to the prison to see harry. 

Look thanks for letting me off the hook_ellie

Don't worry_Megan

I didn't mean to get into bed with him_ellie

Well I didn't mean to get in bed with Louis then_Megan

We both laughed.

Hey what have you been doing whilst I've been away_Megan

Meeting guys_ellie

Haha seriously_megan

Seriously don't worry though they were ass's anyway_Ellie


Megan were here now are you ready for this_ellie


Visiting time is a big thing_ellie

Ellie 5 minutes is all i m spending with him to make myself clear that I'm gonna take him to court and have custody over the kids and when I'm gone you and Louis_Megan

Does that mean me and Louis will have to get together and be a couple_ellie

Well yeah if ya want_Megan

Oh right_ellie

Ellie I'm gonna teach you two how to be a couple coz u and Louis don't have a clue about each other okay_Megan

 Yeah but I was supposed to be getting back with niall_ellie 

Oh goopd were having another meeting is that understood_Megan

Yes friend_ellie

Haha_we both chuckled

As we entered the prison my stomach began to churn, I felt sick to visit my husband in prison.



Ellie what you doing here_harry

To tell you what's what_ellie

Right I'm gonna tell you what's gonna happen you don't speak or interrupt me is that understood_Megan


Me and Louis are going to be a couple till I die, before I die I will have a divorce with you and take you to court for custody of the kids. When I'm gone ellie, Louis and maybe niall will have the kids. I may sue you to get the money for my kids, if your let out of prison you will travel back to London and have no contact if you do then I will phone the police and let them sort you, is that understood._Megan

Yes just kiss me one more time_harry



Harry I'm with Louis not you_Megan

Me and ellie grabbed our bags and went back home.

At home we called niall to come to the meeting.


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