the fault in my stars

Megan struggles through her life when she is diagnosed with cancer, she has two children and a husband who's the prince, future king of england! They don't know what the future holds but will Megan survive!
The follow on from Louis & I


7. HOME// at last xx

Life is an open door - quote from my favorite film Frozen! Its actually true because of the fact that my door had opened up to a good future. Louis, two kids and maybe having a longer future. 

Please just let me do your bags_Louis

Louis really_Megan

Of course_L

As he said that he pulled out one of my bras. We both laughed at the same time! 

Haha! Why don't we go out tonight for a meal_Louis

Yeah that will be nice_Megan

Good look let's get unpacked and we'll go out_Louis 


Ring!Ring_my phone!

Look Louis just let me take this_Megan


Hello I said.

Is this Megan!_Dr

Yeas this is she_me

Harry has been in and said that he will be taking Harry Jr and Charlotte so just to_Dr

I interrupted and said. What!_m

Excuse me!_Dr

I told you that harry isn't allowed near them_m

Oh okay_Dr

Where are they_m

I have know idea he just took them_Dr

OK I'll be out looking for them and get ready I'm gonna sue ya!_m

Oh okay_Dr


What I just love the word sue_M

Seconds later they were a knock at the door, it was Harry!

I slightly opened the door, only to find he had my baby. 

You give me your money and you can have the baby's if not harry Jr and Charlotte will be gone. 

I don't have any money harry_Megan

Just leave her alone and give her her babys_Louis

Over my dead body_Harry

No I can't lose my other children_Megan

Well don't hold onto that thought because I know that theres a bridge down the road so why don't I go for a walk down there with them or better yet drive._harry

No harry_Megan 

To late he ran off and put the kids in the car.

Louis get the keys I've got my phone_m

OK phone the police they may get there quicker_L

Just hurry up_Megan

We both were in a chase to get my baby's all I could hear in my head were Charlotte and Harry Jr crying. 

Louis hurry up_Megan

I know its a range rover Megan but don't think it's a bloody Ferrari_L

OK sorry_Megan

Don't worry I'm thinking the same thing_Louis


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