the fault in my stars

Megan struggles through her life when she is diagnosed with cancer, she has two children and a husband who's the prince, future king of england! They don't know what the future holds but will Megan survive!
The follow on from Louis & I



Waking up to Louis aside of me and monitors beeping, I knew that something had gone on.

Hey how are ya!_L

Hey good!_M

Louis smiled.

Hi Megan I'm your doctor Dr sutullar, Im also looking after your two children. Today I will be taking some tests, the head of the support unfit orders by the looks of it your cancer may have good signs to a longer life._dr


Ahhh I know now what's going on I'll leave you in peace_Dr s

What's going on Megan_L

Louis I should have said before im dying of cancer._m


I'm sorry I didn't tell you before_m

Sorry, really Megan you need support you can't look after two baby's by yourself. Your gonna have to come and live with me_l

No Louis!_m

Just as that second passed I had a visitor, harry!


Hey sweety how are you_h

You think that you can waltz in here and ask me how I am_m

Well yeah_h

Look mate you better go_l

No she's my wife_h

Until next month I'm having a divorce_m


Harry I'm taking you to court for custody of my kids and I'm suing its for the best side_m

Bout when your gone about the kids_h

Well its a good job my mum and Louis is around_m


Yep your going down_m

The police had got involved mate_l

How could you_h

She had every right and you'll be sorry mate_l

Harry just go_m

As he walked through the door a policeman pounced like a predator onto him, he got arrested. And turns out he had aggressively reacted to ellie, she was on my ward with injury's. 

Later that day I got in a wheelchair and visited the twins. 

Oh Louis_m

Don't worry Megan your with me_l

We kissed! Finally we were reunited together.


Oh don't worry they'll be more of that when we get back home, and don't think your off the hook for going off with that freak!!_h

Hey he's royal_m 

I couldn't give a toss whether he's royal, homeless, rich or backwards he nearly killed you!!_l

I think that's just to exagarrated don't you_m

No Megan it int now let's get you home_l


I talked to the Dr u can come home now_l



Really really_m

Oh god I'm no good with these games what so ever!_l



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